1. Prof. Nicolae Voiculescu, PhD - Faculty of Law
  2. Prof. Adrian Severin, PhD - Faculty of Law
  3. Prof. Carmen-Silvia Paraschiv, PhD - Faculty of Law
  4. Reader Carmen Pălăcean, PhD - Faculty of Law
  5. Lect. Aurelia Herling, PhD - Faculty of Law
  6. Antonia Popa – Faculty of Law, 3rd year undergraduate
  7. Mario Creţu - Faculty of Law, 2nd year undergraduate
  8. Reader Florin Văduva, PhD - Faculty of Banking and Finance, Accountancy and Business Administration
  9. Lect. Mădălina Voiculescu, PhD - Faculty of Banking and Finance, Accountancy and Business Administration
  10. Emanuel Bîldea – Faculty of Banking and Finance, Accountancy and Business Administration, 3rd year undergraduate
  11. Prof. Dan Florin Ungureanu, PhD - Faculty of Medicine
  12. Prof. Daniel Cochior, PhD - Faculty of Medicine
  13. Reader Minerva Claudia Ghinescu, PhD - Faculty of Medicine
  14. Reader Dumitru Ioan Vasinca, PhD - Faculty of Medicine
  15. Medical lect. Carmen Adella Sîrbu, PhD - Faculty of Medicine
  16. Medical lect. Valeriu Gabi Dincă, PhD - Faculty of Medicine
  17. Aida Dida Manuela Piştea – Faculty of Medicine, 3rd year undergraduate
  18. Ion Mircea Radu – Faculty of Medicine, 5th year undergraduate
  19. Prof. Teodor Frunzeti, PhD - Faculty of Human, Social and Political Science
  20. Prof. Margareta Dincă, PhD - Faculty of Psychology
  21. Reader Mihai Petru Craiovan, PhD - Faculty of Psychology
  22. Reader Ioana Panc, PhD - Faculty of Psychology
  23. Lect. Corina Bogdan, PhD - Faculty of Psychology
  24. Lect. Oana Mateescu, PhD - Faculty of Psychology
  25. Ana-Maria Abătăcesei – Faculty of Psychology, 1st year undergraduate
  26. Iolanda Mirabela Stoinoiu -  Faculty of Psychology, 2nd year undergraduate
  27. Prof. Florentina–Cornelia Bîcleşanu, PhD - Faculty of Dental Medicine
  28. Prof. Doina Lucia Ghergic, PhD - Faculty of Dental Medicine
  29. Reader Anna Maria Pangică, PhD - Faculty of Dental Medicine
  30. Ana-Maria Gianina Costache – Faculty of Dental Medicine, 4th year undergraduate
  31. Reader Dan Voinea, PhD - Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences Tg. Jiu
  32. Reader Ana-Cristina Dăscălescu, PhD - Faculty of Informatics
  33. Alina Oţelea – Faculty of Informatics, 2nd year undergraduate