About Us

The Faculty of Pharmacy is the newest faculty of Titu Maiorescu University, being authorized in June 2013. It represents the culmination of the efforts made by TMU management in order to complete the trio of faculties dedicated to medical studies: the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dental Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy. Our faculty began its activity in October 2013 with its first generation of “Pharmacy freshmen” in the new lab building of the Pharmacy Faculty.

The study programme takes 5 years, full time and it fully complies with the national and EU requirements for this type of training. The structure of activities was adapted to the most recent requirements of modern education, taking into account the specific characteristics of the pharmacy field and including the preparation of adequate curriculum plans and carefully selected syllabuses.

The curriculum includes both compulsory subjects required for the training of the future pharmacists and a wide range of elective courses aimed at assuring the development of complementary patient communication skills, specific legislation, environment issues and entrepreneurship. 

The faculty is aimed at becoming a highly efficient and competitive private education institution so that its graduates should benefit from quality professional training that meets the current demands on the labor market. From its very first year of activity, the faculty established very ambitious objectives, which would result in the training and instruction of the students with a view to attaining professional efficiency and responsibility.

Our main objective is to develop an updated quality education process based on communication, flexibility and participation, constantly focused on the understanding of the current context of the pharmaceutical industry and on contributing to the development of the future pharmacists according to the demands of the labor market. 

The students’ practical activity is organized and carried out in collaboration with all the institutions and enterprises associated with the pharmacist profession, from pharmacies to medicine manufacturing companies and research institutions.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is in full bloom and it constantly adds new value to the didactic and scientific activity carried out in the generous spaces where students and teachers perform their everyday activity. The lectures are held in large amphitheaters endowed with modern teaching technology and the project assignments are hosted in the dedicated labs located in the Faculty of Pharmacy building. 

The knowledge associated to the fundamental and specialized subjects is applied as part of the practical skills using the latest generation specific equipment, from medicine synthesis facilities to medicine control equipment, studies of microbiology and botany, biophysics and pharmaceutical chemistry. The training process specific to the Faculty of Pharmacy focuses on the present and, more importantly, on the future, providing students with access to the latest specialized scientific information.

We believe we should not forget our roots, so the faculty building hosts a small pharmacy museum, a homage to the predecessors of this profession in an attempt to develop in the minds of our students a sense of the continuous value of this millenary profession, always serving the wellbeing of the community. 

Our educational programme is completed by a research programme that is developed on two directions. One of them targets the integration of the research elements in the students’ activity from the early stages of their training. In the labs located in the Faculty of Pharmacy building, the students can participate to scientific circles, together with specialized teaching staff members. The second direction consists of the development of fundamental and applied research teams in the pharmacy field, encouraging the participation of teaching staff and associated researchers to internal and international research projects.

The efforts of the research teams of the Faculty of Pharmacy materialized in the establishment of the Nanopharmacy Department as part of the “Academician N. Cajal” Institute of Medical Research of Titu Maiorescu University.

Likewise, the participation of both teaching staff and students to scientific events is high;y encouraged. The faculty is already an active participant to the International Conference entitled “Education and Creativity for a knowledge-based society”, annually organized by the University.

Mention should also be made of the University’s connections to numerous European universities. The Faculty of Pharmacy is constantly concerned with concluding as many partnerships as possible with foreign education institutions, in order to support the Erasmus student exchange programmes.