About Us

The future is bright for all IT specialists, starting from the executive positions and ending with the management positions. Technology is blossoming, Internet companies are growing and extending and automation is used for any system. The existing companies develop their web-sites and web strategies, while looking for ways to reduce their costs based on the automation process. A large number of IT specialists will be required to maintain the systems, improve the existing networks, implement new strategies and maximize the connections at the global level.

The Faculty of Computer Science trains specialists in computer science and information technology who can access a wide range of jobs: software application programmers, web site designers, computer system and network service designers, computer science specialists in research institutions, companies, administration, multimedia creation offices, counseling services, computer science teachers, computer science researchers, computer network administrators, database administrators.

The bachelor study programmes, computer science specialty, with their full time and distance learning versions, are accredited according to Government Decision no. 707/2012 approving the Nomenclature of fields and specializations/university study programmes accredited or authorized to operate temporarily, the geographic locations, the number of transferable credits for each academic study programme, type of education and language of study, as well as the maximum number of students that may be registered in academic year 2012-2013the master study programme “Security of IT systems and networks” is accredited according toOrder of the minister of education, research, youth and sports no. 4945/2012 on the fields and master study programmes evaluated by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, organized at the level of the higher education institutions, and the master study programme “Computer science applied in medical imaging” is accredited according to Formal ARACIS letter no. 5415/20.06.2013.


  • Address of the building where the didactic activities are carried out: 187, Calea Văcăreşti, building V and building M, district 4, Bucharest
  • Amphitheaters: 3/ 100 seats eachs
  • Computer science labs: 5, each equipped with 25 workstations
  • Seminar rooms: 8
  • Own Data center with Blade technology and virtualisation
  • Access for teachers and students to DREAMSPARK PREMIUM and Office 365