Bachelor Exam

The Bachelor Exam consists of two tests, as follows:

a) Test 1 (written): Evaluation of fundamental and specialized knowledge

b) Test 2 (oral): Presentation and defense of the bachelor project.


The candidate’s registration file for the bachelor exam shall include the following documents and papers:

a) standard application form;

b) the original high school graduation diploma and a certified copy of the same;

c) an original certificate indicating the graduation of the study programme for the applicants who graduated this year;

d) a certified copy of the birth certificate and, if case be, of the marriage certificate;

e) a certified copy of any other document certifying the change of the last or first name;

f) a copy of the IC/passport;

g) a certificate of linguistic competence in a language of wide international circulation, issued by TMU or by another national or international specialized institution acknowledged by the University;

h) the printed and electronic version (CD) of the bachelor project accompanied by the report of scientific advisor;

i) a statement regarding the originality of the content of the bachelor project signed by the candidate;

j) the bachelor project record (according to Annex no. 1);

k) 4 passport-size photos;

l) the clearance form (for the university’s own graduates);

m) a receipt certifying the payment of the fee required in order to take the bachelor exam;

n) an approval issued by the university senate of the graduated university and by that of TMU, in case of candidates from other universities.