About Us

The Faculty of Dental Medicine of Titu Maiorescu University was established in 1990 as part of the Faculty of Medicine.

Thus, we fulfilled the main goal of the University – namely that of providing an alternative for the higher education courses offered by the state universities; a high quality alternative that benefited from premises and facilities at the highest standards and has made available to the students all three cycles of studies – bachelor studies, with two specializations – Dental Medicine and Dental Technique, master studies and also, PhD studies.

The prestige of the Faculty of Dental Medicine is based on the quality of the education services, of the facilities provided to the students, of the practical parts, which are so important during the period of study, on the efficiency and performance of the teaching staff preparing the future physicians for this noble profession.

Emphasis is laid on the practical part, a key component for the students’ training as part of Titu Maiorescu Private Clinical Center of Dental Medicine Support, where the project assignments are carried out, but also on the development of a system of moral principles that underlie the medical practice since Hippocrates to this day.

Another essential component of the medical education provided at Titu Maiorescu Faculty of Dental Medicine, is represented by the respect for the profession of the graduate, a complex profession that requires understanding, compassion and devotion for the patients, as well as abnegation for continuous education.