The candidates can start registering online at the following link

Make sure you have available all the documents requested before starting the online registration!

The candidates’ files submitted online are subject to verification by the Department of International Relations. If the file is complete you will receive an electronic message that your file has been validated.

If the file is incomplete, you will be noticed for correction/completion of the file, following which you will add the missing documents online.

Once the file has been validated, the candidates must pay the admission fees (see below) in order to be registered for the admission exam.








Have you decided to study at Titu Maiorescu University? We want to make the application process as simple as it can be for you, so follow the below steps before you submit your application.

1.Find the study programme that’s right for you

You can search for the programme you want to study, its requirements, deadlines and fees in our admission portal (click here).

2.Application deadlines

Make sure you know the application deadlines (link) if you want to be considered for admission.

3.Prepare your documents

Check that you have the relevant required documents (e.g. high school diploma, transcripts, etc.) at this link. The documents must be in pdf or jpeg format ready to upload. The name of the document must include the type of document and your surname (eg, high school diploma. Amir).

!! If you want to check the type of High School Diploma that you need and the correspondent requirements, please access the following link.

4.Authentication of high school diploma

Diplomas from countries that are members of the Hague Convention request a Hague Apostille from the authorities of the country that issued the document. You can find the list of countries for which the Hague Apostille is required here ( click here)

Diplomas issued in countries which are not party to the Hague Convention must be authenticated by the authorities from Romania and the issuing country. You can find the list of countries for which the authentication is requested here. (click here)

There are two ways to do this authentication:

  1. by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country, the Romanian Embassy / Consular Office in that country and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or
  2. by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country and its Embassy / Consular Office in Romania and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For the countries where there are no diplomatic missions of Romania or do not have diplomatic missions in Romania, the study documents shall have a certification issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country.

5.Ask for more information

If you need more information contact our Department of International Relations at

Once you have followed the above steps and you meet the entry requirements for your chosen study programme, you can start your application. This section  provides guidance on how to apply.





Do you want to apply  at Titu Maiorescu University? These are the steps you need to take for a successful application:


1.Make an account on our admission portal (click here).

2.Fill in the Profile section the personal data and study information.

3.Upload your documents in the Documents section in pdf or jpeg format and sign the online application forms. The application forms are automatically generated by the portal. The application forms can be digitally signed directly in the portal.

4.Validation of the file. The Department of International Relations  will analyze your file and validate the documents.

!! If there are missing documents or if the documents are incomplete, the file will not be validated.

5.Pay the admission fee. The admission fee can be paid directly in the admission portal, at Fee section.

!! The admission fee can be paid only after the file is validated.

6.Participate in the admission exam. The admission exam will be online on the Microsoft Teams platform. You will receive all the information regarding the admission exam on your personal email (the one used to make the account on the online admission portal).

It is advisable to apply as soon as possible, because the process usually takes time.

For more information regarding the admission procedure click here





Congratulations and welcome to all at Titu Maiorescu University! Here is a guide with the steps that come after you are admitted and before you begin classes.

1.Send the original documents to the Department of International Relations (DRI).

It is mandatory for the candidates to present at the Department of International Relations their study and identification documents from the admission file, in original and in hard copies for documents in Romanian/ English/ French or in original legalized translations for the documents issued in other languages, within 7 days after being admitted.

2.Pay the fee for preparing and submitting the file to the Ministry of Education in order to obtain the recognition of international studies.

All the admitted candidates with international diplomas must have their studies recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education. Without this recognition of studies, they cannot enroll as students in any university in Romania.

3.DRI will send your file to the Romanian Ministry of Education for the recognition of studies. For more information about recognition of studies click here (link).

!Failure to obtain the letter of acceptance to studies (NONEU) or attestation (EU) from the Ministry of Education is the legal reason for the University not to do the matriculation of the candidate!

4.Receive the document for recognition of studies: Letter of acceptance to studies (NONEU) or Attestation (EU).

DRI will inform you that you have received the document via an email with a scan copy of the document. The original document will be sent to the secretariat of your faculty. The original document can be taken by the legitimate possessor or by another person but only on the basis of a Letter of Attorney in his/her name.

5.Pay the study fee – the first installment or the whole fee for the first year, depending on your citizenship. You can find here (click here) more information regarding the study fees and the deadlines.

6.Apply for a visa, if it is the case. It is your responsibility to apply for obtaining the study visa at the responsible institutions in your country.

!! You cannot apply for the study visa until you receive the letter of acceptance to studies as this is a mandatory document to obtain the study visa.

7.Find accommodation or apply for accommodation in one of our dorms.

Titu Maiorescu University provides around 500 accommodation places (studios and shared flats) divided into 2 modern student dormitories. You can apply for accommodation in the application form when you register for admission. For prices, photos and more information on booking accommodation, please check our website here (click here).

8.Enrollment at the faculty.

After you arrive in Bucharest you have to enroll yourself at the secretary of the faculty where you have been admitted and sign the study contract.

9.Apply for residence permit at General Inspectorate for Imigration Bucharest.

Students with foreign citizenship who stay in Romania for more than three months continually, must register their stay for the purpose to study, to the General Inspectorate for Imigration Bucharest. The General Inspectorate for Imigration will issue a residence permit for staying in Romania. More information regarding the necessary documents and procedures for obtaining the residence permit can be found here (link).





Residence Permit for Staying in Romania


Once you arrive in Romania, and you  have made the final inscription at the university, you have to apply for the residence permit for staying in Romania. 

Foreign citizens who stay in Romania for more than three months continually (90 days), must register their stay, in the purpose of study, to the General Inspectorate of Immigration, Bucharest. The inspectorate will issue in this regard a residency permit, that is valid for 1 year and must be renewed every year. However, for students on scholarship from their respective countries, the residence permit is usually issued for the total duration of their studies.

Attention! In order to obtain a residence permit, you will have to personally submit the documents with at least 30 days before the expiry of the right to stay granted by the visa.


Necessary documents for obtaining study residency permit in Romania

  • application form ;
  1. border crossing document (passport, travel document, etc.), original and duplicate; 
  2. letter of acceptance for the studies – only required on the first extension of the right to stay
  3. certificate from the secretariat of the Faculty proving that you are enrolled to study at Titu Maiorescu University, in a full-time education program; 

The certificate to be submitted by you must include the following: 

  • type of education and type of courses (full time); 
  • year of study; 
  • period until the extension of the residence right is requested; 
  • payment of the tuition duties and date until the payment thereof was made.
  • proof of means of support amounting to at least the minimum gross salary per country guaranteed in payment for a period of at least 6 months, approximately 2800 Euro (statement of bank account, individual tax return or other equivalent documents);
  • proof of legal ownership of living space (original and copy); 

The ownership document can be: 

  • sale-purchase contract; 
  • rental contract concluded with a natural or legal person (the contracts concluded with a natural person must be registered with the Financial Administration having territorial competence); 
  • free loan contract; 
  • court order; 
  • written statement concerning the acceptance in the dwelling space, by the owner, accompanied by the deed of ownership held by the latter (the statement concerning the acceptance in the dwelling space can be given only before the Notary Public); 
  • the document issued by City/Town Halls, attesting that the applicant or the owner are registered in the Agricultural Register, for the rural environment. 
  • medical certificate, issued by a public or private medical institution in Romania, proofing that the foreign student does not suffer from  diseases that endanger the public health; 
  • proof of payment of permit fees. 
  • 120 euros (equivalent in RON, Romanian money) representing the consular fee 
  •  259 RON (Romanian money) representing the equivalent value of the residence permit


For more information regarding the conditions for obtaining a Romanian visa please check the General Inspectorate for Immigration website


Contact details of the General Inspectorate for Immigration: 

  1. EU Citizens Service

Address: Nicolae Iorga street, no. 23, District 1, Bucharest

Tel: +4 021- 410 75 10

Fax: +4 021-212 80 07


  1. Non-EU Citizens Service Bucharest

Address: Nicolae Iorga street, no. 23, District 1, Bucharest

Tel/Fax: +4 021-311 18 27


Information regarding the work program with the public can be found here