Titu Maiorescu University  acquired its legal personality on 20 September 1990, as a non-profit private higher education institution and became a legal entity of public utility governed by private law, part of the National Education System, on the grounds of Law no. 239 of 23 April 2002, published in Official Journal no. 291 of 30 April 2002.

TITU MAIORESCU University is composed of 9 facultiesPsychologyLaw (with premises in Bucharest and Tg. Jiu), Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Human, Social and Political ScienceEconomic Sciences (with premises in Bucharest and Tg. Jiu) and Computer Science .

TITU MAIORESCU University includes all types of higher education: bachelor studiesmaster studies and– PhD studies organized by the faculties of Dental Medicine andLaw . The study programmes organized for the full time education and the long distance learning form are varied and continuously developing and they have been selected so as to better respond to the demands on the labor market. At present, the University organizes 19 bachelor study programmes25 master study programmes, while in the two doctoral schools, the teaching and scientific activity is organized according to 12 scientific fields. The members of the teaching personnel are highly qualified and they include prominent scientific personalities and personalities of the Romanian public life, members of prestigious specialized associations from Romania and abroad, members of the Romanian Academy of Sciences and members of the Romanian Academy.

Deeply committed to excellence and involved in the triangle of knowledge consisting of education-research and innovation, the University is especially focused on scientific research, with emphasis on exploratory and frontier research based on an interdisciplinary approach. The University includes an Institute of Study, Research, Development and Innovation, which, through its 9 interdisciplinary scientific research centers performs an intense scientific activity. At present, the University is running 5 European projects financed by the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development (SOPHRD) and the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development (OPACD).

The University is a member of the European University Association (EUA), the most important organization of the European higher education institutions, a member of the International Association of Universities (IAU) and a member of the European Association of Economic Coordinators (EAEC). The direct international relations that Titu Maiorescu University has with universities from EU, from Canada and USA, as well as its participation in the European programme of inter-university exchanges Erasmus/Longlife Learning Program, to which TITU MAIORESCU University is affiliated, represent a guarantee of its value, which is also recognized abroad.

The University is endowed with state-of-the-art study areas — Aula Magna, classrooms, seminar rooms, reading rooms and amphitheaters, specialized labs with cutting edge equipment: medical equipment, IT network, wi-fi, video conference equipment, smart boards etc. The University has a Undergraduate hostel, a cafeteria-restaurant, a Undergraduate club, medical centers and a copy-center.

Titu Maiorescu University is the only private university in the country that was invited to participate to the European programme „MATRA”, aimed at developing a national strategy focused on assuring quality in the higher education system.

In June 2012, following the institutional evaluation, The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education granted Titu Maiorescu University a high level of trust qualification, the highest qualification possible that can be awarded to a Romanian university.

It is not by accident that Titu Maiorescu University performs its activity under the auspices of a profession to which it is dedicated:  MODERN AND EFFECTIVE and of a motto deeply rooted in the academic reality specific to Maiorescu’s period: QUALITY EDUCATION, THE SECRET OF YOUR SUCCESS!