General Secretary
Lecturer Teofil Panc, PhD
Telephone: +4021.316.16.46, int. 37

Graduation Documents Office
Head of office: Mariana Toader
Telephone: +4021.316.16.43, int. 28

Appointments – issuance of graduation documents:

  • Necessary information: last name (according to the birth certificate), first name, faculty, major, year of taking the Bachelor/ Dissertation/ PhD/ DSSP exam, phone.
  • For the issuance of the graduation documents, appointments shall be done by phone, between 09:00 -11:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and between 12:30 -15:30 on Wednesday or by e-mail at
  • The reply to an appointment request shall be sent within 48 hours by e-mail.
  • Diploma release hours: Monday (12:00 -15:00), Wednesday (09:30 -12:00) and Thursday (12:00 -15:00).
  • For the preparation and issuance of a certificate of conformity, the following documents are required: a copy of the diploma supplement (or transcript), a copy of the Bachelor’s (or Master’s) diploma and a standard application form.

Legal Office
Legal counselor: Maria Merisan
Telephone: +4021.316.16.46, int. 21

Economic Service
Economic Director: Ec. Elena Neagu
Telephone: 021.316.16.46, int. 12, 0745.058.442

Tax Office
Head of office: Alexandrina Ganciu
Telephone: 021.316.16.45

Human Resources – Payroll Service
Head of office: Miruna-Mihaela Mărgărit
Telephone: +4021.316.16.47, int. 14, 23, 33 / +40730.606.476

Technical – Administrative Directorate
Managing Director: Eng. Crinu Rusănescu
Telephone: +4021.316.16.46, int. 34

IT Department
IT Director: Ana-Maria Perpelea
Telephone: +40724 244.171
Office: 187 Calea Văcărești, Building M, 3rd floor, 4th District, Bucharest
Working hours: Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 4PM.
Any request received outside of working hours, by email or phone, will be taken care of the next business day.

Administrator: Costin Miron
Telephone: +40745.084.868

Student Dormitories

  • C3 Student Dorm: +4021.796.51.58
  • C5 Student Dorm: +4021.795.79.00

Administrator: Laurențiu Coman

Telephone: +40733.106.730 (Monday to Friday, 08:00-16:00)