Titu Maiorescu University participates in an external institutional evaluation process involving 42 universities in Romania, state and private, organized by the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education and Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI) and held together with Institutional Evaluation Program (IEP) of the European Universities Association (EUA). The team of external evaluators will make a first visit to TMU during 15-17 May 2013, during which the faculties of Dental Medicine, Economic Sciences, Law and Informatics will be subject to evaluation. In view of this visit was developed a self-assessment report together with the annexes, that we invite you to follow.

Members of the evaluation team:

  • Mr. Sokratis KATSIKAS , Professor PhD, Dept. of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, Greece – Chairperson
  • Mrs. Dorthe Gerda Anny HARTMANN , Language Course Director and Instructor, Faculty of Law and Economics, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University in Greifswald, Germany – Coordinator
  • Mr. Johan CLOET , Vice-General Director of Thomas More University College, Belgium
  • Mr. Thierry CHEVAILLIER , Professor PhD, IREDU (Research Institute on Economics and Sociology of Education) University of Burgundy and CNRS, France
  • Mr. Mickus DUBICKIS, Student, President at Students Union of Latvia


Members of the self-evaluation group, Titu Maiorescu University:

  • Mr. Dumitru GHEORGHIU , Professor PhD – Vice-Rector in charge with education and quality assurance – Chairperson
  • Mr. Dan Florin UNGUREANU , Professor PhD – Senate President
  • Mr. Iustin PRIESCU , Assoc. Prof. PhD – Dean of the Faculty of Informatics
  • Mr. Teofil PANC , Lecturer PhD – General Secretary of the University
  • Mrs. Mădălina VOICULESCU , Lecturer PhD – Academic Secretary of the group
  • Mrs. Simona PETCU , Student – Faculty of Law
  • Ms. Roxana CHIREAC , Student – Faculty of Law

Schedule for the first of the IEP-EUA Evaluation Team to Titu Maiorescu University from Bucharest
Schedule for the second of the IEP-EUA Evaluation Team to Titu Maiorescu University from Bucharest


Evaluation Report
Self-Evaluation Report
Appendix 1 – ARACIS Certificate
Appendix 2 – Geographical Position
Appendix 3 – Academic Structure
Appendix 4 – Research Structure
Appendix 5 – Staff
Appendix 6 – Students
Appendix 7 – Mission University Charter
Appendix 8 – Senate Structure
Appendix 9 – Senate Committees
Appendix 10 – Management Board Structure
Appendix 11 – Management Board Committees
Appendix 12 – Organizational Chart
Appendix 13 – Strategic Plan
Appendix 14 – Updating Strategic Plan
Appendix 15 – Relationship With Socio-Economic Environment
Appendix 16 – Study Programmes
Appendix 17 – Foreign Students
Appendix 18 – Infrastructure
Appendix 19 – Mobility
Appendix 20 – Funding
Appendix 21 – Action Plan
Supplementary Appendix 22 – Specialized Department with Psycho-Pedagogical Profile
Supplementary Appendix 23 – Information on Founders
Supplementary Appendix 24 – Research Strategy of the University
Supplementary Appendix 25 – Research Strategy of the Faculty of Informatics
Supplementary Appendix 26 – Research Outcomes Data
Supplementary Appendix 27 – Annual Report of the Rector 2013
Supplementary Appendix 28 – Quality Code
Supplementary Appendix 29 – Staff Evaluation Questionnaires
Supplementary Appendix 30 – Outcomes of Staff Assessment
Supplementary Appendix 31 – Staff by Faculty
Supplementary Appendix 32 – Executive Summary of the University Charter
Supplementary Appendix 33 – Information on Study Programme Ranking
Supplementary Appendix 34 – Postgraduate Courses
Supplementary Appendix 35 – Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Economic Sciences Târgu jiu
Supplementary Appendix 36 – Students and Staff Mobility 2012-2013
Supplementary Appendix 37 – Average Salary for Staff
Supplementary Appendix 38 – Tuition Fee Structure
Supplementary Appendix 39 – New Study Programmes