TITU MAIORESCU UNIVERSITY – efficiency, creativity, quality and performance


Prof.univ.dr. Smaranda ANGHENI

Established almost 22 years ago, TITU MAIORESCU UNIVERSITY, part of the Romanian higher education system, followed an upward trend, taking the lead as one of the prestigious Romanian higher education institutions, training many generations of Undergraduates and helping them build a professional career in law, economic sciences, psychology, medicine, dental medicine, computer science and, more recently, political science, communication and international relations.

We may say that the prestige of our UNIVERSITY consists precisely in the quality of education and of the study programmes organized and developed under its auspices, the university thus building in the public consciousness a brand that stands for efficiency, creativity, quality and performance.

Based on the structure of a classic European university, TITU MAIORESCU UNIVERSITY developed in response to the economic and social needs and the demands of the market (labor force), so that it is currently one of the universities with the most diversified range of educational fields and specializations in terms of bachelor and master study programmes and even in terms of doctoral programmes.

TITU MAIORESCU University is, at the same time, a modern institution, which is part of the top-tier representatives of the reform in the Romanian education system, in the spirit of the new changes brought about by the Bologna Process. As a member of the European Association of Universities and of the International Association of Universities, our University plays an active role in the creation of an European education system adapted to the present times, when only the most efficient universities survive and manage to build a name for themselves in such an important field. All these elements of a well outlined identity in the Romanian higher education system open a wide range of perspectives for our graduates, both at the national and at the international level, under the large umbrella of the European Union.

Placed, not only by its very name, under the spiritual guidance of Titu Maiorescu, the father of the modern Romanian culture and civilization, our University has turned the quality of education into a symbolic coat of arms.

Prof. Smaranda ANGHENI, PhD