Who can connect to the portal?

You can create a personal account, you can check the educational offer of Titu Maiorescu University and you can register by accessing the admission portal.

Personal data, enrollment in the study program you are interested in and the necessary documents are saved in your personal account and can be accessed or completed, until the application is validated by the Faculty Secretariat.

How to connect to the portal?

The connection is made by filling in the fields in the registration page: email address, password. After creating the account, you will receive a confirmation email. Without this confirmation, you will not be able to connect to the admission portal.

After connecting, you can enroll in the study programs you are interested in, by selecting the faculty, the level of studies (Bachelor/ Master) and the study program. Please follow the steps in the portal, being constantly informed by email about the status of your application.


What is the structure of the portal?

The admission portal is divided into 2 sections: Profile and Enrollment.

The Profile section is divided into 3 subsections:

  1. Personal data, where you will fill in the general data, the place of birth, the permanent residence, the details of your identity document(s), the citizenship(s).
  2. High school education, where you will fill in the information about the high school that issued your diploma.
  3. Higher education, if applicable, where you will fill in the information about current or graduated higher education studies.

The Enrollment section will contain all the enrollments you made, which is further divided into the following subsections:


  1. Enrollment details: here you will be able to see the citizenship declared for studies and other options specific to the study program.
  2. International Relations: this section is dedicated to the candidates who will submit their application to the International Relations Department, being requested specific information.
  3. Documents: here you will be able to upload the documents from the automatically generated list. The documents automatically generated by the portal, based on your previously entered data, can be digitally signed handwritten in the portal.
  4. Fees: after the Faculty Secretariat will validate your application, you will be able to make the online payment of the admission fee. If you are declared admitted, also in this section you will be able to make the online payment of the tuition fee.
  5. Correspondence: in this section you will be able to keep in touch with the Faculty Secretariat. You will receive an email notification whenever you receive a new message in this section.
  6. Admission information: in this section you will be able to see the admission calendar for enrollment in the selected study program, details about the status of your application, the score obtained in each subject of the admission exam, including your final results.

For further details, please consult the guide for the online admission portal.


Technical support

For further details on the admission process, please check the Admission 2023 page, for the study programs you are interested in.