As a recognition of the quality of teaching and the prestige of the teaching staff working in its field, Titu Maiorescu University is a institution organizing university doctoral studies ( IOUDS), a higher education cycle whose purpose is to develop the competent human resource in carrying out scientific research, capable of inserting into the highly qualified labor market.

Titu Maiorescu University is one of the few private higher education institutions in our country to conduct PhD studies. Within IOUDS Titu Maiorescu there are three Doctoral Schools, namely the Doctoral School in Law, the Doctoral School in Medicine and the Doctoral School in Dental Medicine.

According to art. 19 of H.G. no. 681/2011, the Code of Doctoral Studies, IOUDS has the following attributions:

  1. Elaborates the TMU-IOUDS Regulation for organizing and conducting doctoral studies programs;
  2. Approves the general framework for the organization and functioning of doctoral schools, the establishment of new doctoral schools and the liquidation of doctoral schools within TMU that have lost their accreditation;
  3. Establishes the weight of the doctoral supervisors within the board of the doctoral school;
  4. Appoints the director of the doctoral school between the doctoral supervisors of that doctoral school. The Director of the Doctoral School is a board member of that Doctoral School;
  5. Approves the regulations of the doctoral school;
  6. Elaborates the minimum criteria regarding the organization and functioning of doctoral studies programs, including those regarding the admission to doctoral studies, the curriculum, the evaluation of doctoral candidates, the selection criteria and the establishment of doctoral thesis evaluation commissions proposed by the doctoral schools;
  7. Establishes the minimum criteria for finalizing, evaluating and capitalizing the results of PhD programs, including the PhD thesis;
  8. Elaborates methodologies for highlighting, over time, the scientific career of doctoral students;
  9. Develops own proposals and endorses the proposals of Doctoral Schools of Agreements and Partnerships / Consortia for the development of Doctoral and Doctoral PhD programs;
  10. Enrolls doctoral students and manages doctoral studies on behalf of and for doctoral schools in TMU;
  11. Elaborates criteria and indicators for evaluation of doctoral dissertations according to the European Qualifications Framework and the competences related to the qualification enrolled in RNCIS and on the basis of the proposals made by the doctoral schools according to the specifics of the university specialization fields in which the university studies are organized and carried out PhD.
  12. Ensures the internal evaluation of the PhD program and establishes the requirements for internal evaluation.
  13. Provides information on research centers in the country and abroad where PhD students can pursue research internships.
  14. Other attributions.

IOUDS  Titu Maiorescu is headed by the 9-member Council for Doctoral Studies (CDS), which has important attributions regarding the establishment of the Strategy and the Institutional Regulation for organizing and conducting doctoral studies programs at IOUDS level.

The Board for Doctoral Studies is working in the following composition:

  • Professor PHD. Smaranda Angheni, elected member, Doctoral School of Law
  • Professor PHD. Dan Florin Ungureanu, elected member, Doctoral School of Medicine
  • Professor PHD. Irinel Popescu, elected member, Doctoral School of Medicine
  • Professor PHD. Florentina Cornelia Bîcleşanu, appointed member,  Doctoral School of Dental Medicine
  • Professor PHD. Doina Lucia Ghergic, appointed member, Doctoral School of Dental Medicine
  • Professor PHD. Alexandru Boroi, appointed member, Doctoral School of Law
  • Professor PHD. Iosif R. Urs, appointed member, Doctoral School of Law
  • Drd. Laura Ivanovici, elected member, Şcoala Doctoral School of Law
  • Professor PHD. Nicolae Voiculescu, CDS Director


Our constant concern is the widening of relations with similar institutions in the European space in order to establish partnerships that facilitate the mutual internships of the PHD students, as well as the organization of PHD.


CDS Director
Profesor PHD. Nicolae VOICULESCU