The Titu Maiorescu University Publishing House imposed itself as an active presence in the university life through the quality and diversity of the edited works and is focused on the publication of academic books (textbooks and university courses, practical works) and on the capitalization of the scientific research in the university. The vast majority of printed works are intended for the educational process of the university and the formation of new generations of students.

The publishing house was founded in 2002, and in 2004 it was recognized by the National Scientific Research Council of Higher Education.

Following the evaluation of the accreditation file submitted in December 2009, Titu Maiorescu University Publishing House obtained from the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS) the official recognition as a publishing house publishing a scientific and academic book.

Since its establishment, Titu Maiorescu University Publishing House has published over 300 titles structured in 6 areas:

  • Law;
  • Psychology;
  • Economic Sciences;
  • Information Science and Technology;
  • General Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy;
  • Research and creativity.


The scientific content of the works published by our publishing house is endorsed by a valuable collective of scientific reviewers made up of teaching staff of Titu Maiorescu University.


of the Titu Maiorescu University Publishing House of Bucharest

1. Academician Professor PhD. Alexandru SURDU 12. Professor PhD. Sorin IVAN
2. Professor PhD. Smaranda ANGHENI 13. Professor PhD. Ionica ONCIOIU
3. Professor PhD. Iosif R. URS 14. Professor PhD. Carmen Silvia PARASCHIV
4. Professor PhD. Valentin PAU 15. Professor PhD. Doina Lucia GHERGIC
5. Professor PhD. Dan Florin UNGUREANU16. Professor PhD. Mihai PUIU
6. Professor PhD. Dumitru GHEORGHIU17. Associate professor, PhD Horia BARBU
7. Professor PhD. Cristiana TĂNASE18. Associate professor, PhD Iustin PRIESCU
8. Professor PhD. Titi PARASCHIV19. Associate professor, PhD Dan VOINEA
9. Professor PhD. Irinel POPESCU20. Associate professor, PhD Gheorghe Dan MĂLĂESCU
10. Professor PhD. Viorel Iulian TĂNASE21. Lecturer PhD. Roxana Colette SANDULOVICI
11. Professor PhD. Daniel COCHIOR
Adress: Calea Văcăreşti no. 187, sector 4, Bucharest
Phone: 021/330.10.50
Contact: PhD Physics Engineer Camelia Petrescu – Publishing Director