The PhD is the higher education cycle, whose purpose is to develop knowledge through original scientific research.
“TITU MAIORESCU” University of Bucharest is an institution organizing university doctoral studies ( IOUDS), according to the Order of the Minister of Education and Research no. 4632 / 07.09.2004.
The Faculty of Medicine and Dental Medicine organizes and carries out a doctorate of a doctoral degree and the PhD students can obtain the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences in the field of Dental Medicine.
The PhD is based on advanced scientific creation and research, contributing to the development of cognitive knowledge, skills and abilities. The knowledge, skills and general and specialist skills give the graduate of the university doctoral degree the ability:
  • to systematically and comprehensively understand the field of study and to use the research methods associated with this field;
  • to design and implement a research project and to make research management subject to professional ethics;
  • to contribute to the advancement of knowledge through original research with a national or international impact, demonstrated through scientific publications;
  • critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas;
  • communication with the professional community and with civil society in the context of its research field;
  • to contribute to the promotion of technological, social and cultural development in the context of a knowledge-based society and economy.