ESTEAM Fest for Women

Empowering Women Through Digital and Entrepreneurial Competences


ESTEAM Fest took place on Nov 29, at Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest. This festival has the purpose to  advance women’s entrepreneurship and support girls and women to better exploit their interests, motivations and choices, and achieve their full potential, the European Commission has put in place awareness-raising initiatives coupled with training, mentoring, and coaching.

Vice-Rector for International Relations at TMU, Ioana Raluca Mânea, greeted the participants and speakers with a welcoming message. The opening speech was followed by a short introduction performed by each speaker: Dana Puia, Yulia Stark and Mihaela Tudor presented a brief presentation of their field of knowledge, as well as, some information about the workshops they held during the ESTEAM Fest for Women Festival.

Throughout the ESTEAM Fest for Women event, participants had the opportunity to participate in one of the following workshops:

  • Discovering your strengths & values, speaker Dana Puia Morel (in Romanian)
  • Marketing and sales masterclass with Yulia Stark (in English)
  • Personal branding, speaker Mihaela Tudor (in Romanian)

Mihaela Tudor presented the Personal Branding workshop and emphasized on the importance of personal authenticity and our unique identity which should be carried out with content and comfort. She also, guided the participant students to have an action plan and act accordingly to it.

Dana Puia delighted the participants with practical resources to discover their own values ​​for guiding themselves in their own journey towards reaching success.

Yulia Stark, held the workshop in English with The Marketing and Sales Masterclass theme during which she presented tips & tricks from the marketing area.