Francophone colloquium “Digital Transitions: Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Higher Education”


On November 23rd, TMU hosted the opening of the Francophone Colloquium “Digital transitions: Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Higher Education” organized by RESUFF (Francophone Network of Women with Responsible Positions in Higher Education and Research).

This event was co-organized with the support of the Regional Directorate for Central and Eastern Europe of AUF, we had the opportunity to have guests from international universities and scientific research institutions.

The session was opened by the welcome speech of Titu Maiorescu’s University Rector, Daniel Cochior. Following the opening of the colloquium, AUF’s Rector, Slim Khalbous took the floor, followed by RESUFF president, Christine Rivalan Guégo.

Vice-President of Titu Maiorescu University and member of the RESUFF scientific committee, Smaranda Angheni, together with our Associate Professor at Titu Maiorescu University, Maria Niculescu, had a presentation on the topic: The role of women in higher education in the integration of multiple rationalities within the digital transition.
During the event, topics  such as: The current situation of the contribution of digital technology to gender issues in the university; The role of digital technology in training and research in higher education institutions and Good practices in the fight against stereotypes, were addressed to the whole audience.

The Francophone colloquium was held for two days, on Friday, the series of presentations with current topics dedicated to women in higher education continued.