8th Edition, 2020

14th-15thMay, 2020


With its extensive experience in organizing international scientific events, “Titu Maiorescu” University launched in 2013 a new scientific challenge, organizing for the first time the International Conference Law, European Studies and International Relations. More than 500 scientific papers of well-known professors, researchers and doctoral students in Romania and abroad were presented at this first edition. The seven trilingual (in Romanian, English and French) editions were attended by over 50 professors from universities in Spain, Italy, France, Israel, Poland, Bulgaria, Morocco and Germany.

The research publications edited in the seven editions of the conference, published by Hamangiu Publishing House, were distributed to each participant and subsequently, they are now owned by the most renowned professors in Romania, as well as being present in many university libraries.

The volumes are indexed under the following International Standard Book Numbers: ISBN 978-606-678-642-3, ISBN 978-606-27-0020-1, ISBN 978-606-27-0222-9, ISBN 978-606-27-0607-4, ISBN 978-606 -27-0879-5, ISBN 978-606-27-1250-1, ISBN 978-606-27-1474-1 and they are listed in international data bases.

The International Conference on Law, European Studies and International Relations aims to bring together scientists from academic world, researchers, university professor, doctoral candidates, students and, last but not least, law practitioners in order for them to exchange and share their experiences and their research findings on the most diverse aspects of law reform in the spirit of the new national, European and international trends, as well as to discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

We are convinced that this important scientific event will be one of the most prestigious events in the national legal calendar, with international impact, offering an opportunity to discuss current issues affecting the legal community and seeking to highlight new solutions and interpretations.

In a world where legal systems have increasing cross points, the legal tradition requires perpetual upgrading in order to respond to diversity. The conference is based on the idea that the law does not develop abstractly, but is shaped by society, by the economic and social reality, by intellectual, cultural and linguistic environments, and especially by immediate needs and by the implementation of appropriate solutions.

We invite you to take part in the debate on the most interesting national and international legal issues.

The presentation of the conference proceedings will take place in the following sections:
• Public law;
• Private law;
• International and European law.

Partners of the event:

European Public Law Organization

Romanian Society of
European Law

Hamangiu Publishing House

The location of the conference: “Titu Maiorescu” University, Faculty of Law, 187 Calea Văcărești, District 4, Bucharest.


  • Submitting the article in Romanian: 15th of April 2020
  • Notification of acceptance of the proposed article: 26th of April, 2020;
  • Publication of the Conference Programe: 7th May, 2020;
  • Conference : 14th to 15th May, 2020;
  • Submitting the article in English: the 30th September, 2020.


The articles will be sent to the following address:, , contact persons Felicia Maxim – 0766.527.675 and Petruța Ispas – 0747.647.962.

Each author can attend the International Conference on Law, European Studies and International Relations with up to two articles (articles with more than 2 co-authors are not allowed). The fee is paid per item. The authors’ presentation of the articles in the conference proceedings is an imperative requirement for the publication of articles in the volume of the conference.


The fee is 350 RON for the publication in the volume of the Conference and the listing in two international databases, recognized by the Law Commission of CNATDCU. The volume will also be submitted for indexing to ISI – Proceedings.
The participation fee is paid per item when the article is sent.

The fee will be paid at Titu Maiorescu University cash desk, 22 Dâmbovnicului Street, District 4, Bucharest (cash or bank card) or in the following bank account:
“Titu Maiorescu” University of Bucharest,
B.C.R., Timpuri Noi Agency:
Fiscal code: RO4337662

The payment document must contain the mention “International Conference on Law, European Studies and International Relations 2020”.
The order of payment must be forwarded at:

The participation fee is nonrefundable if the reviewers consider that the article cannot be indexed due to not meeting the content and form criteria required by the rigor of scientific research.

Requirements for writing the articles