International Students’ Day

Today, on 17th of  November, Titu Maiorescu University celebrates International Students’ Day!

Dear students from all around the world, today we celebrate your eagerness, openness to learn and your determination to achieve knowledge! We support your commitment towards your educational journey! With each passed exam, with each learnt lesson and read book you approach more easy your dream career.

Student life is a journey full of challenges and discoveries, but also opportunities and unforgettable friendships.

May International Students’ Day bring you inspiration and joy to achieve your goals and continue your path as TMU students towards a successful career!

We wish students around the world to obtain academic achievements and to have a student life experience filled with unforgettable memories!

International Students’ Day was first marked in 1941 in London by the International Students’ Council (which included many members among refugees) in full agreement with the wartime allies, and the tradition has been maintained by the International Union of Students.

International Students’ Day is a celebration of multiculturalism, diversity, and collaboration among students worldwide. Although initially emerged as a day of commemoration for the over 1,200 students from the University of Prague who sacrificed themselves during World War II, International Students’ Day has become a reason for universities worldwide to celebrate international students.