After the completion of the “Education and Experience Exchange” project we put together the results of the workshops held in Poland, Turkey and Romania, we analyzed the feedback received from participants and the output consists of an informative booklet/guide on how to use the internet in a safety and productive way.

We consider this guide to be very useful in the current situation when our work and our classes moved in the virtual space, and now more than ever our lives are online. We invite you to read carefully the booklet and hope to find some inspiration for your daily life.  You can find several platforms and apps dedicated to the online education, and also tips and tricks about cybersecurity.

Titu Maiorescu University would like to send special thanks to the Institute of the Memorial of Kresowy Heritage (Poland) and Alanya HEP University (Turkey) for this fruitful collaboration and to congratulate all the students involved in this project and the implementation team!

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