Candidates enrolled in the entrance exam at the Faculty of Medicine (Medicine and General Health Care) and the Faculty of Dentistry (Dentistry and Dental Technique) will participate in the exam according to the admission calendar for July 2020 session.

Please find below the sitting lists of the of candidates on the campuses in 187 Calea Văcărești  (Building V), 189 Calea Văcărești  (Building M) and 67A Gheorghe Petrașcu (IOR):

  • Faculty of Medicine (General Health Care and Medicine) – Candidates’ sitting lists, 27th July 2020, 9:00 am
  • Faculty of Dentistry (Dentistry and Dental Technique) – Candidates’ sitting lists, 28th July  2020, 9:00 am


We invite you to attend 2 hours in advance (7:00 am), with a valid identity document (ID or passport), your competition card, a blue ink pen, the Covid-19 Disease Risk Assessment Questionnaire, a protective mask.