UPDATE [1st October]: Due to the alarming increase in the incidence of COVID19 infections at national level, the activities planned in the coming days, including the opening festivities of the academic year, will take place online.

The festive opening of the academic year is a symbolic moment, especially for the “freshmen” who are starting a new stage in their professional development. The Majorcan community wants to welcome them in the academic life, in a way adapted to the epidemiological context.

The opening ceremony of the new academic year will take place on Thursday, 1st October , 2020, between 09:30 A.M. – 11:30 A.M., in the Great Hall of Titu Maiorescu University and will be broadcast live on the website www.utm.ro, and on UTM’s Facebook and Youtube channels. In the hall are invited the members of the TUM Senate, of the Board of Directors, teachers and representatives of the students in the 1st year from each study program, respectively, the students who had the highest average at admission. The entire Majorcan community is invited to watch the live online broadcast.

At the festive opening at the level of each faculty are invited to participate only the students from year 1, without companions, the faculty management, teachers and the faculty secretariat. The festivities will take place according to the following planning:


Thursday, 1st October, 2020

1 PM – 2 PM – Faculty of Medicine, Aula Magna
1 PM – 2 PM – Faculty of Pharmacy, Building M, Amphitheatre M103
3 PM – 4 PM – Faculty of Dentistry, Aula Magna
5 PM – 6 PM – Faculty of Finance-Banking, Accounting and Business Administration, Aula Magna


Friday, 2nd October, 2020

8 AM – 9 AM – Faculty of Law (series 1), Aula Magna
10 AM – 11 AM – Faculty of Law (series 2), Aula Magna
12 AM – 1 PM – Faculty of Psychology, Aula Magna
2 PM – 3PM – Faculty of Communication Sciences and International Relations, Aula Magna
4 PM – 5 PM – Faculty of Informatics, Aula Magna


The events will take place in full compliance with the safety and sanitation measures imposed by the legislation in force. Participants will keep their distance at the entrance in the building, will go through the epidemiological triage procedure at the entrance, will wear a protective masks throughout the event and will sit on chairs marked with a green dot, at least 1 meter away. Between events, the room will be ventilated and sanitized for at least 1 hour.


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