1 on 1 Counselling Sessions

Individual counselling sessions are conducted through face-to-face meetings with a career counsellor, aiming to assist students in clarifying their goals and developing an action plan for their professional objectives.

Each session lasts 50 minutes. A counselling process could extend from 1 session to 7-10 sessions based on the addressed concerns. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, focusing on providing students with tailored methods and resources to facilitate conscious career decisions, resilience building, or enhancing well-being.

To schedule an appointment, students select their desired counselling service (career counselling and/or psychological counselling) and choose an available date and time from the calendar. Upon completing the required information, the meeting is automatically scheduled, and students receive a confirmation email.

In-person sessions are held at Calea Văcărești, Building M, Room 114, 1st floor, in the Career Counselling and Guidance Centre (CCGC) Office.





When should a student schedule an individual session?

  • When seeking feedback on their CV and LinkedIn profile. These will be thoroughly reviewed, and the counsellor will provide specific recommendations for improvement.
  • When preparing for a job interview. The student can experience a mock interview, answering specific recruitment questions. Feedback will be provided afterward, along with further recommendations for improvement.
  • When aiming to explore available career options in the market, learning where to search for them and how to access them.
  • When desiring a change and wanting to reconfigure their career path by clarifying objectives and setting a coherent action plan.
  • When wanting to better understand themselves before making a career decision (Self-awareness). This aspect involves a process of introspection and self-analysis to become aware of personal resources and how to leverage them in career choices. Given the complexity of the process, multiple sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results. This particularly addresses those who are undecided about their future career path or need to validate a choice to ensure they are heading in the right direction for them.
  • When seeking psychological counselling to address personal challenges or concerns that may be impacting academic or professional performance. These sessions offer a safe and confidential space for students to explore their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, and work towards solutions with the support of a trained counsellor.