The Career Counselling and Guidance Center (CCGC)

Coordinator: Associate Professor Ioana Raluca Panc, PhD – Vice-Rector

Psychologist: Diana Paula Dudău, PhD


The students’ needs in terms of career development are complex and evolve rapidly in the current labour market, which is more dynamic than ever. Career guidance and counselling interventions for students involve mainly four aspects that address precisely these needs:

(a) supporting students in increasing the level of self-awareness regarding vocational interests, values, abilities and personality types;

(b) connecting students with resources that give them information about occupations and the labour market;

(c) committing students towards decision-making processes that lead to the choice of a career best suitable to their interests, values, abilities and personality;

(d) assisting students in developing their career plans and management skills; this involves managing transitions and professional changes, balancing various roles and assuming a continuous commitment towards learning and developing a career (UNESCO, 2002).


Aiming at these needs, the Mission of the Career Counselling and Guidance Center (CCGC), focuses on assisting students in obtaining information, as well as career counselling and guidance in order to easily integrate into the labour market. CCGC enriches the offer of services for the students enrolled at “Titu Maiorescu” University in Bucharest in order to increase the employability of the graduates.


The main objectives to be followed as to achieve CCGC’s mission are:

  • provide guidance and counselling for students for them to plan and manage their educational path;
  • facilitate the relationship between students and the labour market;
  • train and develop cross-cutting and integration skills for the labour market;
  • identify the needs for continuous training and offer optional, accredited courses;
  • organize and conduct both individual and group counselling activities on career management issues;
  • organize and conduct both individual and group counselling activities on issues of emotional and educational adaptation;
  • develop the practical skills of the students within the Faculty of Psychology;
  • carry out scientific activities in different fields of application of psychology and counselling.


The fields of activity of CCGC are:

  1. a) career counselling, which helps students clarify their goals, including the most pressing ones such as finding employment; it also helps students understand their own vocational profile, make informed decisions, be responsible for their own actions, manage their career and the transition process at different times, as well as to develop the skills needed to search and obtain a job;
  2. b) continuous training programs addressed to undergraduate and master students, the university staff, as well as to all those interested in developing the skills required in the labour market or in initiating, perfecting and specializing in an occupation in the spirit of lifelong learning;
  3. c) supervision of some internships for undergraduate and master students from the Faculty of Psychology in order to allow them develop competences in the use of psychological assessment tools; achievement of a psychological/vocational profile; career counselling; public speech and presentation techniques.
  4. d) access and implementation of research and development projects, organization of scientific events in collaboration with other departments of the university or with other national or international institutions.

As far as the organizational framework is concerned, the Career Counselling and Guidance Center (CCGC) is subordinated to “Titu Maiorescu” University’s Senate and develops functional relationships with the faculties and departments within the university. Its activity is carried out in the context of the following legal provisions:

  • article 112 of “Titu Maiorescu” University’s Charter;
  • articles 350, 351, 352 of the National Education Law no. 1/2011;
  • Order of the Ministry of Education and Research no. 3235 from March 16th, 2005, based on which universities will set up Career Counselling and Guidance Centers that will assist students in choosing the study plan;
  • Order of the Ministry of National Education and of the Delegated Minister for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Development no. 650/2014 for the approval of the Framework Methodology regarding the organization and functioning of the counselling and career guidance centers in Romania’s higher education system;
  • Order of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research no. 3070/2015 for the modification of the Framework Methodology mentioned above.


Projects achieved by CCGC

Besides the current activities, CCGC participates in the festivities that take place on the occasion of “Titu Maiorescu” University’s anniversary, celebrated on April 24th, organizing meaningful events, aimed at enhancing the visibility and quality of the study programs by:

  • increasing students’ satisfaction and ensuring loyalty towards “Titu Maiorescu” University, by supporting them in the transition to the labour market;
  • promoting “Titu Maiorescu” University on the labour market, among potential employers;
  • increasing the employability of undergraduate and master students from “Titu Maiorescu” University, by obtaining direct information about the employment process and by developing cross-cutting skills;
  • optimizing “Titu Maiorescu” University’s image among current and potential students, through the active support offered in their professional development.