FACULTY OF NURSING TÂRGU JIU organizes an admission contest for the academic year 2017-2018 for the following study program:


No.License FieldStudy programNo. of credits / Duration of studiesForm of education / Number of places
1.HealthGeneral nursing240 credits / 4 years
(8 semesters)
DE / 60 places, Authorised




Admission to undergraduate degree programs is organized in two sessions:



    • 26 July 2017. Registration period: 3 July 2017-24 July 2017.


SEPTEMBER SESSION 2017for places left unoccupied in the July 2017 session:

    • 27 September 2017, for the other faculties. Enrollment period 4 September 2017-23 September 2017.


Depending on the degree of occupation at the session in July 2017, at the proposal of the faculty council, the second period of admission to the undergraduate university cycle can be scheduled in the period 1 August 2016 – 23 September 2017.




Admission is based on educational programs and forms of education, in descending order of the general grades obtained by candidates for the admission contest, within the limit of the schooling number approved by ARACIS for the study program and the respective education form.

At the Faculty of Nursing Târgu Jiu, for all undergraduate study programs, the discipline of the contest is BIOLOGY. Recommended Handbook:

BIOLOGIE, Manual pentru clasa a XI-a, Ed Corint, Any edition starting with 2006

Authors: Dan Cristescu, Carmen Sălăvăstru, Bogdan Voiculescu, Cezar Th. Niculescu, Radu Cârmaciu


The contest test consists of completing a 100-question grid test divided into two sets: set 1 from 1 to 50 and set 2 from 51 to 100. Each question has five variants of answer. Each question in set 1 has one correct answer. Each question that is marked by a correct answer and only the correct answer is scored 0.2 points. The score obtained turns into a grade. Each question in set 2 has two correct answers. Each question that is marked by both correct answers and only the correct answers is scored 0.2 points. The score obtained turns into a grade. The score obtained for each set of questions must be at least 5 (five)The overall score for the admission contest is calculated as the arithmetic mean of the grades obtained for each set of questions. The overall average may not be less than 5 (five).




Admission to the admission contest is done personally, based on your identity card or passport. Entry to the admission contest can be done on behalf of the candidate and by another person, based on a proxy certified by the notary.

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the requirement to submit to the application for admission of certified copies of the original documents of the candidate is deleted. The copy of the original documents, submitted by the candidate or made in the TUM, certified copies of the original documents by the secretary making the registration shall be submitted to the file. For the certification procedure, candidates will be required to submit the original documents. After certifying compliance with the original, the original documents are returned to the candidate, except for the study papers (baccalaureate diploma, bachelor’s degree), which is kept in the file for the duration of the studies. If the candidate presents certified copies, they are accepted.

In order to enroll in the admission contest, the applicants complete an Application for the admission and registration examinations for undergraduate studies for the academic year 2017-2018, respectively an Application for the admission and registration admission to the master degree studies for The academic year 2017-2018, in which they will mention, under signature, all the data required in the relevant form.

In order to enroll in the admission contest in the undergraduate degree programs,  the candidates must have an envelope file, which they will put in the capital letters of the first and last names of the father (mother, If the father is unknown) as well as the e-mail address and telephone number with the following documents.

a)   the application for enrollment in the admission and registration examinations for undergraduate studies for the academic year 2017-2018;

b)   the baccalaureate diploma in original and in a certified copy according to its original;

c)   in the case of candidates who are students in the bachelor’s degree program at another faculty, the baccalaureate diploma certified according to its original or legalized, accompanied by the student certificate stating that the original study documents are in the student’s file;

d)   the diploma in a copy certified according to its original or legalized for the graduates of other faculties;

e)   a self-declaration that the applicant does not attend more than two degree programs at the same time, irrespective of the higher education institutions offering them (appendix to the application form);

f)   birth certificate in certified copy according to its original;

g)   marriage certificate in certified copy according to its original or legalized (if applicable);

h)   a medical certificate issued by the family doctor showing the candidate’s state of health with the aptitude for graduate studies;

i)    3 (three) identity card photos;

j)    a copy of the identity document certified according to the original.


Candidates who have passed the baccalaureate exam in the sessions of the school year 2017-2018 may submit the certificate of promotion of the national baccalaureate examination issued by the educational institution instead of the baccalaureate diploma.


Candidates are enrolled to the admission contest at the headquarters of the faculty. Ecaterina Teodoroiu no. 100, between 800 – 1600 on weekdays, and Saturday between 800 – 1400 hours.


The registration fee for the admission contest can be paid at the premises of the University Cashier or at Banca Transilvania, based on the payment codes displayed on the University’s website. Enrollment in the admission contest is confirmed only if there is proof of payment of admission fee. The registration fee for the admission contest is not refundable under any conditions. The registration fee for the admission contest is 100 lei.


In the academic year 2017-2018, Titu Maiorescu University grants students the following reductions in the annual study fee:

  1. Reduction of up to 5% for the first year of undergraduate studies to high school graduates who obtained the general average of 10 (ten) at the baccalaureate exam;
  2. Reduction of up to 5% for one of the faculties in the case of students enrolled in undergraduate studies, attending simultaneously the courses of two degree programs at Titu Maiorescu University (no matter the form of education);
  3. Reduction of up to 5% in the case of enrolling in undergraduate studies in the same family on the basis of supporting documents (marriage certificate, birth certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc). The reduction is granted to a single person within the same family;
  4. Free of charge in the first year of university graduate studies for the international school Olympics laureates (Prizes I, II, III, mention) during the last five years prior to the academic year 2016-2017 if the study program in which the student is enrolled corresponds to the of the Olympics.

Grants from the annual study fee are granted on the basis of a request addressed to the Dean of the faculty, accompanied by supporting documents, submitted to the faculty secretariat by 31 October 2017. The application requested by Dean is subject to the approval of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Tax reductions do not cumulate, with the student benefiting from the most advantageous reduction. Students who partially pay the tuition fee based on their participation in ERASMUS + mobility programs do not benefit from the above-mentioned reductions.