Francophonie of Romanian lights and resonances” is the title of the first issue of 2020 of the magazine “Laudatio” published by Titu Maiorescu University, associate member of The Francophone University Agency. This bilingual issue (Romanian and French) is dedicated to the International Year of Francophonie, an institution that has been militating and acting for 50 years in favour of cultural and linguistic diversity, peace and solidarity, democracy and human rights, economy and sustainable development.

Integrated thirty years ago in the international francophone movement, Romania has currently become one of the pillars of Francophonie in the Central and Eastern European region. Achieved by the contribution of famous personalities of the academic environment, of the francophone diplomatic corps, of some francophone institutions, of the civil society, etc. this issue of the magazine offers readers (French speakers or not) some landmarks on the richness, variety and dynamics of francophone actions carried out in Romania, but also in the region, familiarises them with the identity and convergence of interventions of different francophone actors, sensitises them about the interest of French people and about Francophonie.

These contributions describe today’s Romanian Francophonie from various perspectives, a Francophonie with a rich past and at the same time promising future, highlighting the role of Francophonie in the social, cultural and economic life of our country and, especially, its role in academic dynamics and process of internationalisation of Romanian higher education.

Published at a turning point in global economic and social life, generated by the COVID 2019 pandemic, this publication calls for a deeper reflection on the paradigms of the past, life and social models and presents Francophonie as a “chance for diversity” from a linguistic and cultural point of view, but also in lifestyles and society.


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