Dear students,

Titu Maiorescu University organizes in March 2024 the selection process for the students who would like to participate in international mobilities within the Erasmus+ Programme.

During this selection session, students can submit their application files for:

  • Mobilities for study (SMS);
  • Mobilities for traineeship (SMT).

Students interested in applying for such mobilities must submit their documents to the Erasmus+ Coordinator of their faculty:

  • Faculty of Dental Medicine – Professor Mihaela Răescu, PhD;
  • Faculty of Medicine – Associate Professor Elena Rusu, PhD;
  • Faculty of Law – Associate Professor Felicia Maxim, PhD;
  • Faculty of Psychology – Lecturer Simona Reghintovschi, PhD;
  • Faculty of Informatics – Associate Professor Geanina Silviana Banu, PhD;
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences – Professor Ionica Oncioiu, PhD;
  • Faculty of Pharmacy – Associate Professor Roxana Colette Sandulovici, PhD;
  • Faculty of Educational Sciences Communication and International Relations – Professor Sorin Ivan, PhD;
  • Târgu-Jiu Campus (Law and Economic Sciences / Nursing) – Lecturer Cristian Drăghici, PhD and Lecturer Martin Liviu, PhD.

For more information: