Titu Maiorescu University organizes in March 2024 the Erasmus selection for study mobilities (SMS) and for short-term and long-term traineeship mobilities (SMT).

For more details visit us at the Department of International Relations or write to us at erasmus@univ.utm.ro 

The students who are interested in applying for an Erasmus+ mobility have to submit their file to the Erasmus+ Coordinator of the faculty in which they are enrolled:

  • Faculty of Dental Medicine – Professor Mihaela Răescu, PhD – selection day will be on 18.03.2024
  • Faculty of Medicine – Associate Professor Elena Rusu, PhD – files have to be submitted until 20.03.2024
  • Faculty of Law – Associate Professor Felicia Maxim, PhD – files have to be submitted between 11 and 18.03.2024, a selection interview will be held on 19.03.2024, at 10 AM
  • Faculty of Psychology – Lecturer Simona Reghintovschi, PhD – selection day will be on 19.03.2024, at 12PM
  • Faculty of Informatics – Associate Professor Geanina Silviana Banu, PhD
  • Faculty of Economic Science – Professor Ionica Oncioiu, PhD
  • Faculty of Pharmacy – Associate Professor Roxana Colette Sandulovici, PhD
  • Faculty of Educational Sciences Communication and International Relations – Professor Sorin IVAN, PhD –
    files have to be submitted until 28.03.2024
  • Târgu-Jiu Campus (Law and Economic Sciences / Nursing) – Lecturer Cristian Drăghici, PhD and Lecturer Martin Liviu, PhD
Erasmus presentations:
  • Webinar, 28.02.2024, 7PM – for students of Faculty of Medicine.
  • Webinar, 06.03.2024, 6PM – for students of Faculty of Dental Medicine.
  • Webinar in English language, 06.03.2024, 7PM – for students of Faculty of Dental Medicine and Faculty of Medicine.
  • Erasmus Café 07.03.2024, between 11AM – 17PM, Timpuri Noi Campus, Calea Văcărești 187, building V, 4th floor
  • Webinar, 11.03.2024, 10AM – for students of Faculty of Law.

The file must contain the following documents:

  • application form;
  • copy of your ID and registration certificate in Romania (EU students) / Passport and permit of residence in Romania (non-EU students);
  • CV in English;
  • cover letter in English;
  • Recommendation letter of a professor from Titu Maiorescu University who is not a member of the Erasmus Selection Committee;
  • transcript of records.

 Results of the Erasmus selection for traineeship mobilities here.

The list of the partner universities can be found here.



The full selection procedure for the Erasmus+ mobilities can be found here.

For more information and details, please check the Q&A document or you can contact us by email: erasmus@univ.utm.ro or by phone: +40213302537.