TUITION FEES PAYMENT TERMS for the academic year 2019-2020

1st installment – for students admitted in the first session – 30th of AUGUST 2019

1st installment – for students admitted in the second session and for years II – VI – 30th of SEPTEMBER 2019

2nd installment – 17th of JANUARY 2020

3rd installment – 8th of MAY 2020


Titu Maiorescu University offers the following payment methods for the tuition fees:

  1. In cash, directly to any cash desk of Transilvania Bank, using a pre-printed form containing the name, the first name, the national identification number and the payment code which can be found here;
  2. By bank transfer (payment order) in the following account no. opened at Transilvania Bank: RO90BTRL04301202N01816XX
  3. In cash, at Titu Maiorescu University cash desk, in 22 Dâmbovnicului Street, District 4, Bucharest.