Name of the Project: Education and Experience Exchange (2018-3-PL01-KA205-061203)
Project duration: 12 months, from 01.02.2019 till 31.01.2020

The main purpose of the project: the best practice exchange regarding the use of multimedia and educational portals promoting education for young people aged 19-24.
The main activity in the project is the development and the implementation of the innovative multimedia materials regarding online security for youth. As a part of the project’s activities, young people involved in the project will develop graphic posts, short films, animations, presentations etc that they will share via Instagram, FB and other social media platforms.

Actions taken under the project will be supervised by lecturers and practitioners in the field of psychology and pedagogy using multimedia tools.


Specific objectives:

  • educating youth, parents and teachers in the field of safe use of social media and internet;
  • learning how to eliminate threats arising from the misuse of social media;
  • shaping the attitude and behaviour of young people regarding the careful use of the internet and social media;
  • informing youth, parents and teachers about the possibilities of receiving support from organizations regarding the illegal and improper online content.


Project outputs:

  1. multimedia materials regarding security on the web for young people to be shared on social networks;
  2. online safety guide available online.


For young people, the world of social media is equal to the real world. The implementation of the project as part of international cooperation will allow using the synergy of diversity of each participating country in raising the competences of safe use of social networks and media tools, using best practices in the area. The involvement of international partners will allow the development of instruments that can be easily used in partner countries.

The project outputs will constitute useful and innovative solutions for young people and youth workers in non-formal and informal education.

Leader: Institute of the Memorial of Kresowy Heritage, Poland
Partner: Alanya HEP University, Turkey
Partner: Titu Maiorescu University, Romania

Activities within the project:

  1. International project meetings in every country of the Partnership;
  2. Workshop for young people in Turkey – 5 days combined with e-learning activities in the field of developing a database of recommended and tested websites, portals and applications for e-learning.

Official website of the project:

Education and Experience Exchange 2019-2020