Taekwon-Do Classes at TMU !


Titu Maiorescu University is organizing  Taekwon-Do free classes for beginners. The course is addressed to TMU students and people who are  interested in Korean martial arts. The course will be held at TMU Sports Hall located at Șincai Boulevard, no.16  (TMU C3 dormitory).

This course is organized in partnership with the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) from South Korea and the Fortis Taekwon-Do Martial Arts Club based in Bucharest.

If you you are interested in Taekwon-Do, now you have the chance to learn from an international instructor who is also the president and founder of the Fortis Taekwon-Do Club (for more details click here!)

The course will start on April 22, 2024 and will end in June 2024.


Monday 19:00-20:00

Wednesday 19:00-20:00

To register, please fill out the form at this link.

The course is intended for students, teenagers, and adults.

“I’ve been involved in Taekwon-Do for 24 years. As a competitor I was in the English National Team and competed at European and World Championship level. I have traveled the world because of Taekwon-Do and had the opportunity to train and learn from many famous Taekwon-Do Masters. In 2015 I moved to Romania and in 2020 I opened Fortis Taekwon-Do Club in Bucuresti (we took third place in the adult division at the National Championships in March). I currently have athletes in the Romanian National team as well as many beginner that start Taekwon-Do as an interesting new hobby. I believe in teaching Taekwon-Do as both a self defence system and as a sport and believe that the philosophy of Taekwon-Do allows us to grow as better people and can be used as a tool to facilitate social development.”

*Through these courses, UTM provides Taekwon-Do classes for beginners, but does not offer Taekwon-Do certifications, it provides participants with a graduation diploma.