Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, Romania’s emblematic higher education institution, recognized nationally and internationally for the complexity of its academic profile, quality of studies and development dynamics, European university through its founding vocation, spirit, academic mission and institutional openness, connected to ideas, developments and trends in the Learning Space and deeply anchored in the reality of Romanian society, through its educational process and research activities, through projects and programs, through ethical and civic involvement, through its views and position on topics of common interest, is taking part to the process of building a modern society and making Romania a part of Europe through education, moral and spiritual values, research and knowledge.

In this institutional and conceptual framework, at the Opening of the academic year 2021-2022 and on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day (October 5), Titu Maiorescu University launches a CALL FOR EDUCATION in order to raise public awareness regarding the importance and role of education in society, with its current and future difficulties, challenges and priorities, during a difficult period globally, and also and appeal to contribute to a collective commitment to these values and to the coagulation of a common, synergistic and proactive frame of mind towards Education in Romanian society.


Bucharest, October 4th, 2021