Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest considers that war, fought anywhere in the world and by any means, is an extreme way of resolving political differences, which belongs in the past and which contradicts the values ​​and aspirations of the contemporary world. The only acceptable way to address conflicts between states is through diplomatic dialogue based on the principles and provisions of international treaties and documents.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, Titu Maiorescu University expresses its deep regret for the situation, for the loss of human lives, for the suffering and destruction caused. At the same time, the entire community of the University expresses its compassion towards the population affected by the armed conflict and its solidarity with the Ukrainian population. The university remains faithful to its founding principles and values, of humanistic essence, which place man at the center of all the university’s preoccupations.

In this spirit, in the current situation of crisis caused by the war, which leaves many casualties amongst the military and the civilian population, Titu Maiorescu University has initiated a program to help refugees coming from Ukraine. The program consists of: providing accommodation and food on University premises for the most vulnerable categories of refugees (mothers and children, the elderly); providing medical care, medicines, medical supplies, clothes and other necessary items to those in need.

In these moments when Europe returns to the traumatic experiences of military confrontations, which tragically marked the last century, Titu Maiorescu University expresses its hope in the triumph of reason and the immediate cessation of war in the name of life and humanity.

Titu Maiorescu University Communication and Press Relations Office

Bucharest, 28 February 2022