Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest is involved in the fight against the new coronavirus by producing visors with antiviral protection that will be donated to hospitals in Romania.

In the current context, in which the Romanian medical system encounters real difficulties in procuring protective equipment against COVID-19 infection, Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest supports the urgent needs of the Romanian health system and makes visors for protection against COVID -19.

Students and master’s degree students joined forces, under the coordination of teachers from the Faculty of Informatics of Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, in order to make visors for protection against COVID-19 by using 3D printing technology, following specifications provided by producers.

The costs related to the raw material are borne by Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest.

So far, visors have been donated to hospitals in the capital city and around the country, and other health units will benefit as well from visors for antiviral protection made at Titu Maiorescu University.