• Professor Sorin Ivan, PhD: Introduction to communication sciences; Writing techniques; Aesthetics and Communication;
  • Associate Professor George David, PhD: Introduction to Public Relations; Communication management in crisis situations; Organizational image analysis and management; Communication with the press; Research practice in order to elaborate the Bachelor’s thesis; The institution of the spokesperson;
  • Associate Professor Steliana-Madalina Deaconu, PhD – Head of Department;
  • Associate Professor Lazăr Popescu, PhD;
  • Associate Professor Adrian Ion Urichianu, PhD;
  • Associate Professor Corina Matei, PhD: Research methods in social sciences; Internal communication; Introduction to the media system; Negotiation techniques; Critical thinking;
  • Lecturer Cristina Marghioala, PhD: Verbal and non-verbal communication; Writing techniques; Editing in specialized languages; Semiotics; Writing Public Relations Materials;
  • Lecturer Johana Holt, PhD;
  • Lecturer Alice-Violeta Popescu, PhD;
  • Lecturer Sorin Roată, PhD;
  • Lecturer Dorina Ungureanu, PhD;
  • Lecturer Maria Cernat, PhD: Introduction to advertising; Strategies and techniques in public relations; Public relations campaigns; Creativity in public relations and advertising;
  • Lecturer  Cringuta Irina Pelea, PhD: Designing Public Relations Products, Strategies of Efficient Communication in Public Relations, Sectorial Public Relations, Management of Public Relations. 


  • Professor Teodor Frunzeti, PhD – Head of Department – Introduction to political science, Theories of international relations, Political ideologies in the contemporary era, Negotiation and mediation in international relations, Political doctrines;
  • Associate Professor Mihail Niemesch, PhD – European Institutions, European and Euro-Atlantic Organizations, European and International Programs and Projects, International Institutions and Organizations;
  • Lecturer Oana-Elena Brânda, PhD – Concepts and methodologies in the social and political sciences, European construction, Decision-making process in the European Union, Multilevel governance in the European Union, Common policies of the European Union;
  • Lecturer Ioana-Bianca Berna, PhD – Political institutions and doctrines, Political anthropology, Introduction to geopolitics, Political ethics in international relations;
  • Lecturer Eugen Lungu, PhD – Introduction to the study of international relations, Foreign policy and diplomacy, History of international relations, Globalism and globalization, Area studies;
  • Assistant Professor Adriana Sauliuc, PhD – seminars for the following courses: Introduction to the study of international relations, Introduction to European studies, Introduction to political science, Theories of international relations, History of international relations, Political institutions and doctrines, Political doctrines, Research practice in order to elaborate the Bachelor’s thesis;




  • Dan Mihai Bârliba, PhD: Rhetoric and argumentation theory; Ethics;
  • Professor Puiu Mihai, PhD: Interpersonal communication; Public Relations Management; Communication Psychology;
  • Associate Professor Viorel Nicolae Ionescu, PhD: Applied computing and multimedia.