Professor  MIHAI PUIU,


  1. Lecturer CONONA PETRESCU, PhD
  2. Lecturer MANUELA CAZAN, PhD





The strategic objective of the Teacher Training Department of Titu Maiorescu University is the construction of a modern didactic and pedagogical entity based on the new acquisitions of neuropsychology, group psychosociology and the development of self-motivation for learning.

Mental adaptation – a “contemporary reflex of urgency” – and the new philosophy of education will facilitate the acceptance and participation in the reform in education of a modern, programmatic vision, through teaching and methodical tools focused on innovation, perfection and generalization of good practice in education. The cognitive complex “3S” (stimulation, solution, setting) will bring an important change to the “Learning culture” approach.

T.T.D. is institutionally conceived as an autonomous structure within the “Titu Maiorescu” University based on O.M.Ed.C. No.4160 / 12.06.2003, regarding the establishment of S.P.D.P.P.. At the “Titu Maiorescu” University in Bucharest, which gave him the authorization to operate. Throughout his activity, S.P.D.P.P. operates according to the Order of the Minister no.4316 of 03.06.2008 regarding the approval of the program of psycho-pedagogical studies for certification for the didactic profession by S.P.D.P.P. .


T.T.D. performs its activity to quality standards, following the fulfillment of the European Performance Criteria of the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth and ARACIS.

In the labor market, increasing the skills of the follow-up resources is already an urgent need that accentuates the institutional valences: quality, efficiency, pragmatism, creativity. In this regard, T.T.D. designed and implemented curricula, analytical programs and training and study programs so that they meet our fundamental objective: initial training, training and counseling in the profession and for teaching, educational and pedagogical careers.

The Bologna Declaration encourages a culture of learning that calls for important changes to the teaching approach, creating an optimal framework for learning, training and personal development. The design of these new educational strategies implicitly calls for a space of research and psycho-pedagogical reflection, where T.T.D.. has a priority role.


The definition of the basic concepts of education, the formation of competences necessary for the design and realization of didactic activities, the structuring of the personality for the didactic profession, represent the general objectives of the T.T.D.

If all of the above motivate and match your needs, do not hesitate and trust us!

T.T.D. is available to you and offers you its psycho-pedagogical study programs for certification for the teaching profession.

Professor Mihai M. Puiu, PhD

General Director of The Teaching Training Department