At the Faculty of Informatics, the research is carried out within the Research Center in Informatics, subordinated and supported by the two research institutes, having the financial resources provided by the budgets of the ongoing projects, the corresponding equipments and software existing at faculty level as well as by those purchased from research project funds. The equipment provided by the faculty of the Faculty of Informatics is fully in line with the exigencies of the themes approached, and the existing equipment allows the realization of researches recognized at international level.

GENERAL OBJECTIVES of the research activity carried out at the Faculty of Informatics are:

  • Making scientific research activity more efficient by focusing specific activities on priority directions, respectively on the criteria of the quality indicators of the research activity at national level;
  • Increasing the national and international visibility of the Faculty of Informatics, as well as the capacity for innovation, technological development and assimilation in the production of research results in the field of informatics, by developing strategic partnerships with the socio-economic environment in Romania and renowned companies (SIEMENS, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, HP, XEROX, VODAFONE etc.)
  • Increasing participation in national and international competitions for grants and scientific research contracts;
  • Stimulating scientific collaboration with scientific research institutes and centers, universities, companies and other institutions or organizations in the country or abroad,
  • Attracting young researchers
  • The further development of the material base for education and research.

THE VALUATION OF RESULTS OF THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ACTIVITY carried out within the Faculty of Informatics is realized through the following forms:

  • Participation in prestigious scientific events in the country and abroad;
  • Publication of articles and scientific communications in specialized journals recognized by CNCS and especially in ISI rated journals;
  • Registration, patenting and patenting of scientific research results
  • Organization of scientific events: scientific seminars, sessions, conferences, roundtables, national and international rounds;
  • Elaboration of university book – books, treatises, manuals, guidance
  • Developing the material base for education and research.

RESULTS OF THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH carried out by the faculty within the Faculty of Informatics were capitalized in the last 5 years by: 29 articles in ISI classified journals, 69 articles in magazines indexed in international databases, 23 articles in proceedings Conferences, 1 book chapter published in an international publishing house, 4 books published in a national publishing house, 39 courses in electronic format, 18 papers presented at conferences and published in abstract, and 2 patents that attracted 119 citations in magazines during 2012 -2016.

During the last 5 years, the Faculty of Informatics has organized two advanced study schools:

  • “THE ADVANCED STUDY SCHOOL “CHILDREN’S SECURITY CHALLENGES” with national and international participation, financed by the National PNII Program
  • “ADVANCED STUDY SCHOOL ON IMAGING FOR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS” in collaboration with Polytechnic University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Also, the faculty of the Faculty of Informatics participated in the organization of 13 international conferences and workshops and the development of 15 research and development projects.

Special attention is paid to our research faculty by involving students of the Faculty of Informatics in student research projects and their participation in teams, at student computer competitions. Thus, we are proud of our teams participating in the INFOMATRIX 2015 edition which have won the following awards: a team has won the Golden Medal and the 1st place with the “CHEMISTRY VR” project in the Programming section, at the national stage of the competition, qualifying at the stage Where they won the SILVER MEDAL with the same project, and a team received SILVER MEDAL and second place with the REAL TIME TRAFFIC ASSISTANCE project in the Hardware Control section at the national stage. Also, our team participating in the INFOMATRIX 2014 edition won the Golden Medal and the First Place at the National Phase and the 3rd and the Bronze Medals, at the international stage, in the Hardware Control section with the project for the System for the Detection and Recognition of Sounds in the Natural Environment ” .

The Faculty of Computer Science has concluded collaborative contracts with international prestigious companies: SIEMENS, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, HP, XEROX, VODAFONE.

Collaboration with MICROSOFT ROMANIA in the MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 program allows the use of programs and services for collaboration and communication at a higher level within the academic staff. To implement this platform, specifically for the Office 365 Teacher and Student Access project, “Titu Maiorescu” University of Bucharest was awarded the Excellency Award for Internal Communication in Higher Education Institutions at the first edition of the Awards Gala, an organized event Of People and Companies and the national portal, which aims to highlight the efforts and professionalism of those who work with visible results in the field of education.

Collaboration with MICROSOFT ROMANIA within the DREAM SPARK PREMIUM program enables teachers and students from the Faculty of Informatics and other faculties of UTM to access almost the entire collection of educational software (over 100 application packages). Students and computer master students can use these state-of-the-art programs and applications (Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Visual Studio, SQL, etc.) for teaching purposes at university or home.