The mission of the Masters Degree Program “Security of IT Systems and Networks” is to deepen the general knowledge gained through the Bachelor’s degree program, allowing the complementary scientific approaches of the specialization specific to the bachelor’s degree in which the Masterand was prepared to ensure the understanding, Innovation and the creation of new knowledge, in line with new knowledge in the field and with labor market requirements, to provide a surplus value to the training obtained by the Master in the Bachelor’s degree program, thus ensuring easier integration into the labor market.

The Master’s Degree Program addresses graduates of computer science graduate studies and other undergraduate graduates who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of computer systems security and computer networks.
The specific objectives of the Masters Degree Program “Security of IT Systems and Networks” are as follows:
  • Understanding the complex issues of different aspects of the security of computer systems and networks, and learning how to solve practical problems.
  • Understanding the role of technologies for detecting various entities in the area of ​​security of information systems and networks;
  • Acquiring knowledge on the acquisition, processing and transmission of information between different systems and computer networks;
  • The systemic presentation of modern technologies used to ensure the security of information systems and computer networks;
  • National and international legislation and standards in the field of IT security and computer networks;
  • Acquiring knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities and security risks specific to computer systems and networks;
  • Developing skills for developing solutions for implementing security software and hardware architectures of computer systems and networks;
  • The acquisition of scientific research methodology and the elaboration of scientific projects specific to the security of computer systems and networks;
  • Presenting mechanisms for ensuring the security of the databases;
  • Cultivating and developing IT project management skills;
  • Providing skills and abilities to design, execute and coordinate security testing and evaluation activities.
Based on the skills acquired during the Master’s degree studies, graduates can take up a wide range of jobs in various fields, such as: programmers of software applications in various fields, web designers, computer system designers And network services, IT, consultancy and expertise, computer science professors, computer scientists, computer network administrators, IT security administrators and database administrators.


The Faculty of Informatics of Titu Maiorescu University has collaboration contracts with elite units in informatics (MICROSOFT, CISCO, HEWLET PACKARD).

Documents required for entry to the admission admission in the Master’s degree course:

  • The baccalaureate diploma (in original and legalized copy);
  • Bachelor’s degree and supplement to the diploma (original and certified copies);
  • Certificate of graduation of the undergraduate studies in the original for the 2012 promotion;
  • The document certifying the recognition / equivalence of university studies by the M.E.C.T.S. (To be submitted by candidates who have completed university studies abroad);
  • A certificate stating the student’s degree in a Master’s degree course at another faculty and a diploma with the diploma supplement (legalized copies);
  • Birth certificate (certified copy);
  • Marriage certificate (certified copy), if applicable;
  • A medical certificate issued by the family doctor showing the candidate’s state of health to pursue higher education;
  • 3 (three) identity card photos;
  • Identity card / passport copy;
  • Certificate of linguistic competence for Romanian language (candidates are submitted by foreign foreign citizens;
  • Application for enrollment in admission and matriculation at master’s degree studies.