The last meeting of the „Education and Experience Exchange” project took place in Turkey, at Alanya Hamd Emin Paşa University, between 24th – 28th February 2020. 

Ten students from different faculties of Titu Maiorescu University (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Computer Science and Faculty of Banking-Finance, Accounting and Business Administration) were part of a multicultural and multidisciplinary experience, having the chance to see how the Turkish educational system works. During their stay at Alanya Hamd Emin Paşa University, they attended various classes like „Digital Graphic”, „Computer Programming” and „Business and Management”, and interact with their fellow colleagues. Besides the academic experience, the students had the opportunity to see the wonderful city of Alanya and to learn about its history and culture.

This was the final activity organised within the project „Education and Experience Exchange’. Titu Maiorescu University, Alanya Hamd Emin Paşa University and Memorial of Kresowy Heritage learned how to develop and implement innovative multimedia materials regarding online security for youth and students and had a fruitful cooperation in the framework of the Erasmus+ financed project. 

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