Clinical hospitals with which Titu Maiorescu University has collaborative contracts for the development of the university and post-graduate medical and pharmaceutical higher education activities:

  1. Cardio-Vascular Emergency Clinical Center of the “Academician Vasile Candea”
  2. EFIGIA Clinic
  3. The Caraiman Multifunctional Complex
  4. The Public Health Directorate of the Municipality of Bucharest
  5. Fundeni Clinical Institute
  6. Institute of Pneumophtisology “Marius Nasta”
  7. “Mina Minovici” National Forensic Medicine Institute
  9. Medical Center Policlinico di Monza SRL
  10. SC Sanador SRL
  11. CF Clinical Hospital 2
  12. Colentina Clinical Hospital
  13. Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry “Prof. Dr. Al. Obregia “
  14. Clinical Emergency Plastic Surgery, Repairs and Burns
  15. County Emergency Clinical Hospital Ilfov
  16. Clinical Hospital Nicolae Malaxa
  17. Clinical Hospital no. 1 Witting Railways
  18. Hospital “Prof. Dr. Constantin Angelescu “
  19. University Emergency Military Central University “Dr. Carol Davila “