International Congress



will take place between October 16-18, 2014, at Vacaresti Cale no. 189 – M, Sector 4, Bucharest and will bring together representatives of the academic community and national and international scientific research to present new materials, techniques and technologies and to exchange interdisciplinary experience with implications in complex oral rehabilitation.

The Congress is organized with the support of the Romanian Society of Oral Medicine, the Romanian Society of Dentistry (SRS), the Romanian Dental Technicians (OTDR), UPB-Biomat, the Titu Maiorescu Dental Clinical Center, Sitea, DentalView, GC Romania , Alligator, Colgate-Palmolive Romania.

The congress is organized in three sections, including lectures, scientific communications, posters, exhibition of instruments, instruments and dental materials.

The sections of Congress are:

  • The section “Interdisciplinarity in Implantology”
  • Section “Controversy in Complex Oral Rehabilitation”
  • Section “Scientific Communications and Poster”



The authors are requested to send the summary of the scientific papers until 06.09.2014 for analysis and selection by the Scientific Committee. Summaries of lectures and scientific papers will be sent online, as a Microsoft Word 2003 document attached, to e-mail addresses:,

The Word document will contain:

  • The title of the work in Romanian and English
  • The authors in the desired order, specifying the first name, the name and, if applicable, the academic title
  • Underlining the name of the person presenting the work
  • The institution represented, the city
  • The abstract of the paper in Romanian (with diacritics), containing a maximum of 250 words, as well as the purpose of the work, the material, the method, the results, the conclusions
  • Summary of the paper in English (with the same requirements as for the Romanian summary)
  • Section of the paper, oral presentation or poster
  • Required technical support: multimedia, videoplayer (NTSC system, PAL / SECAM)

A team of authors may submit up to 2 scientific papers.

In the writing of lectures and abstracts of scientific communications, please use the font Arial 11, single space.

Poster dimensions: A1 format (594 x 841 mm).

We ask that the written works have not been submitted to other scientific events.

The duration of a lecture will be between 30-90 minutes and a 8-minute scientific communication.

The authors will receive the acceptance notification by 20.09.2014.

Lectures and (summary / extenso) will be published in the Congress (ISBN), and the most popular works will be selected for publication in the journal Romanian Dental or Medical Connections. Prior to congressional work, the works sent in extenso will be prioritized.

The author / authors of lectures / posters / posters wishing to obtain a participation diploma will have to pay the participation fee.

You can get more information on the event site:



The participation fee is:

  • for doctors: 450 lei until 01.09.2014 and 675 lei after this date
  • for Masters and PhD students: 400 lei until 01.09.2014 and 600 lei after this date

There is no charge for students.

The attendance fee includes access to all congress scientific events including exhibitions, badges, congress maps, congress programs, congresses and coffee breaks.

The participation fee can be paid as follows:

  • Through a nominal payment order, a nominal payment slip at the Romanian Commercial Bank on the account RO49RNCB0546029228350001, opened at BCR Bucharest Timpuri Noi Agency, beneficiary Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, fiscal code UTM 4337662 (from any bank, preferably BCR) 10.10.2014, specifying under the explanation: participation fee Congress TMU (full name and full name of the person for whom this fee is paid and the quality, doctor / doctorate). After the payment is made, it is obligatory to send the copy of the payment order together with no. Your phone and the necessary invoicing data by fax: +4021.325.12.05 or by e-mail:,
    • For individuals: CNP and home address
    • For CMI / CMG / CMD: CUI / CIF and cabinet address
    • For LLCs: Nr. (J ../../ ..), CUI / CIF, registered office / office, bank.
  • In the period 16.09.2014-17.10.2014, at the “Titu Maiorescu” University of Bucharest (22 Dâmbovnicului Street, 4th District, Bucharest).


  • Do not send the congressional fee by postal order;
  • Do not pay by bank the congressional fee after 10.10.2014;
  • Payment orders or bill of materials should be sent in nominal, clearly written, to avoid confusion and necessarily include full name and full name so that it can be written correctly on the attendance certificates at Congress.

Congress Contacts:

Phone: +4021.325.14.16

Fax: +4021.325.12.05

Associate professor, PhD Bechir Anamaria – 0722205221;  S.L. PHD Claudia Andreescu – 0745062025