1. Professor Oncioiu Ionica, PhDDean – Subjects taught: Financial accounting, Consolidated accounting, Microeconomics, Business economics;
  2. Professor Căpușneanu Sorinel – Subjects taught: Accounting expertise and tax consulting; Accounting of credit institutions;
  3. Associate Professor Calotă Traian, PhD – Subjects Taught: Accounting, Financial accounting I, Financial accounting II, Management control, Accounting expertise;
  4. Associate Professor Ciobănaşu Marilena, PhD Head of Department – Subjects taught: Economic-financial analysis, Human resources management, Cost management, Business evaluation;
  5. Associate Professor Duca Ioana, PhD – Subjects taught: Currency and credit, Financial management of the company, Monetary economy, Social responsibility of the organization;
  6. Associate Professor Grămadă Argentina, PhD – Subjects taught: Informatics, Office Application Technology;
  7. Associate ProfessorPostole Mirela Anca, PhD Head of Department – Subjects taught: Finance, Public finances, Insurance and reinsurance, Public budget and treasury, Prices and competition;
  8. Associate Professor Văduva Florin, PhD – Subjects taught: Management, Strategic Management;
  9. Lecturer Ganea Tudor, PhD – Subjects taught: Operations of credit institutions, Banking management, Banking techniques and operations, Capital markets;
  10. Lecturer Gherguţ Dan, PhD – Subjects taught: Statistics, Econometrics;
  11. Lecturer Ionescu Oana, PhD – Subjects taught: Economic-financial analysis, Insurance and reinsurance, Company evaluation, Internship;
  12. Lecturer Mândricel Diana, PhD – Subjects taught: Macroeconomics, Economic Doctrines, Business Ethics, Microeconomics, Entrepreneurship;
  13. Lecturer Stănescu Dragoș, PhD– Subjects taught: International Finance, Investments and their financing, Finance;
  14. Lecturer Tănase Alin-Eliodor, PhD – Subjects taught: Taxation, Public accounting, Managerial accounting, Internship;
  15. Lecturer Teodorescu Luiza, PhD – Subjects taught: Law, Business Law, Commercial Law, Community Law, Internship;
  16. Lecturer Voiculescu Mădălina, PhD – Subjects taught: Law, Business Law, Commercial Law, Corporate and Fiscal Law;
  17. Lecturer Voiculescu Şerban, PhD – Subjects taught: Financial-accounting audit, Audit, Financial management of public institutions.


  1. Associate Professor Gherghina Rodica, PhD – Bucharest University of Economic Studies; Subjects taught: Finance, Financial management of the enterprise, Public finances;
  2. Lecturer Ştefănică Mihaela, PhD Candidate – Subjects taught: Communication in a foreign language (French);
  3. Lecturer Bucea Manea Tonis Radu, PhD – Subjects taught: Informatics, Databases, Electronic commerce, Management information systems.