About Us

History and tradition
The Faculty of Economic Sciences  is an academic structure with a tradition in the particular economic higher education in Romania. In autumn 1990, the first faculty with this profile was established in the Romanian private education – Faculty of Economic Sciences. As a recognition of the quality and professionalism of the students, the Faculty of Economic Sciences was accredited by Law no. 239 of 23.04.2002 (when the first accreditation was made in Romanian private higher education), having full rights in the national education system, which implied:
  • Organizing the bachelor and dissertation exams within the faculty;
  • Issuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees;
  • Organizing postgraduate courses.
Being in constant dynamics and adapting to the requirements of the labor market, in 2014 the Faculty of Economics changed its name to the Economic Sciences.


The mission of the Faculty of Economic Sciences is to train economics specialists with a thorough professional background, able to integrate very quickly and to meet the demands of jobs where they will engage in the domestic and international market, To develop student attitudes of creativity and competitiveness, in line with the requirements of the knowledge-based society.


Education and performance
Facultatea de Științe Economice  pregăteşte studenţii în conformitate cu structura Bologna, în două cicluri de învăţământ: un prim ciclu de bază, cu durata de 3 ani urmat de un al doilea, de master, cu o durată de 2 ani.
Invăţământul se asigură, în cadrul primului ciclu, prin două forme:
The Faculty of Economic Sciences prepares students in accordance with the Bologna structure in two cycles of education: a first basic cycle, lasting 3 years, followed by a second master, with a duration of 2 years .
Education is provided in the first cycle through two forms:
  • full time education – in Bucharest
  • distance education – in Bucharest


Our graduates find multiple possibilities to join the labor market:
  • Within banks or other financial institutions;
  • To various insurance companies;
  • In any organization in the country and abroad, within the financial, accounting, sales and supply departments;
  • To financial advisory and tax consultancy companies;
  • They can open their own business.


Study programs
Currently, within the first cycle, the Faculty trains specialists in the following areas:
  • Finance – Program Finance and Banking
  • Accounting – study program Accounting and management informatics
  • Business AdministrationBusiness Administration Business Administration
In the second cycle, the faculty organizes a number of 5 master classes:
  • Taxation and Financial Policies – organized together with the Chamber of Fiscal Consultants in Romania
  • Enterprise Financial Policies
  • Management of the financing of European projects
  • Banks and financial markets
  • Accounting, auditing and accounting expertise


International Opening
The Faculty of Economic Sciences applies the European Credit Transfer Assessment System – ECTS. The system allows students to study for one or two semesters in another university in a member country of the European Union, and not only, the exams promoted there being recognized when returning to the country. We also have partnerships with prestigious universities abroad, with whom we have a permanent exchange of students. Among these we mention:
  • Universitate d’Orleans – France
  • Universite de Paris VII – France
  • Telecom Ecole de Management – France
  • Kadir Has Universitesi – Turkey
  • Canakkale Onsekiz Mart Universitesi – Turkey
  • Celal Bayar Universitesi – Turkey
  • Universita Studii Internationali di Roma – Italia
  • Instituto Politecnico de Cavado E Do Ave – Portugal
  • Baltic International Academy – Latvia
  • Northwestern University – Chicago, USA


The Faculty of Economic Sciences is actively involved in the training of its students, by supporting access to internship programs by concluding agreements with prestigious companies in the country and abroad. Among these we mention:
  • Paragon Europe – Malta (for internships)
  • World of Skills, Placement Maker Limited – UK (for internships)
  • Pluriva
  • Coface
  • Banca Transilvania
  • BRD Group Societe
  • BCR
  • Cameea Consulting
Together with our partner companies, we organize workshops and facultative courses, aiming at acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities by our students to prepare them to be competitive on the labor market.


Quality in Education
At the Faculty of Economic Sciences, the Center for Excellence for Higher Education in Higher Economic Education was established in 2013, with the support of which the faculty aims at the following objectives:
  • Professional orientation and skills development for easy integration of pupils and students into the labor market;
  • Motivating students and prospective students to develop the theoretical and practical knowledge in the economic field by providing private scholarships and providing internships for partner companies;
  • Informing students about the educational offer and related projects developed by the center;
  • Continuously adapting education curricula to labor market requirements;
  • Organize themed workshops for pupils and students to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities to enable them to meet the demands of employers.


Social Media
Starting with 2012, the Faculty of Economic Sciences is present in social networks. You can find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/utmsteco