Professor Cosmin Moldovan,PhD



Associate Professor Roxana Nemeș, PhD



Assitant Ștefana Maria PETRUȚ , PhD



Director of the department:
Head of works Ioan-Sorin Tudorache, PhD

Members of the Department’s Council:

  • Head of works Mihaela Oros , PhD
  • Assistant  Ștefana Maria Petruț , PhD




Director of the department:
Associate Professor Dan Ioan ULMEANU, PhD

Members of the Department’s Council:

  • Associate Cristian Gabriel , PhD
  • Head of works  Mara Amalia Bălteanu , PhD
  • Head of works Simona Mușat , PhD
  • Head of works Florentina Bealcu , PhD




  • Assiciate Professor Cosmin Alec MOLDOVAN , PhD
  • Associate Professor Elena RUSU, PhD
  • Associate Professor Roxana Maria NEMEȘ, PhD
  • Associate Professor  Florin SĂVULESCU, PhD
  • Associate Professor  Minerva GHINESCU , PhD
  • Associate Professor Dan Ioan ULMEANU  , PhD
  • Head of works Sorin Ioan TUDORACHE , PhD
  • Head of works Florentina BEALCU , PhD
  • Anca Maria Mădălina – Student
  • Alexandrescu Tudor Ștefan – Student
  • Modan Sorin Octavian  – Student



Established 25 years ago, Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest has been, since its inception, a profoundly innovative institution in the Romanian higher education landscape, both by the courageous approach of areas of public education such as the superior medical education  and the originality and multidisciplinarity of its structure. Besides the medical faculties in our university structure there are also faculties of law, economics, psychology, informatics, but also other faculties and specializations, currently covering 19 bachelor degree programs, 25 university degree programs master and two doctoral schools in which the didactic and scientific activity is organized on 12 scientific fields. The faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy of Titu Maiorescu University have not only become some of the important higher education institutions in the country but also a medical university center within which every day, the life and activity of over 200 teachers and almost 2,000 students who dedicate each other to energy and the efforts of teaching, learning and professional performance, get intertwined. Today, the Faculty of Medicine Titu Maiorescu represents an academic environment, which both the professors who served and the students who formed here in this quarter of a century have come to not only assume but also identify it as a model of full professional and social engagement. Therefore, without exaggeration, it can be said that the 25th anniversary of the founding of Titu Maiorescu University has a special – cultural and even recently historical significance for each of us. The root of this profound significance does not lie only in the obvious reality of the quality of the academic body and of our graduates, which is not even enjoyed by some universities of public medicine, but also by the very concept of university, which sedates with the passage of time, the educational and social mission by acquiring the knowledge and of the spirit of research in order to discover new things that allow for the evolution of society and medical performance. This has been proved in the years that have passed through the important participation of teachers and students in the sustained efforts to affirm and strengthen private medical education in the national university landscape, many struggles being fought against prejudices and sometimes even meshing interests, who opposed with all the power of recognizing and affirming a faculty of medicine from the Romanian private education system. These performances were also possible thanks to the support provided Titu Maiorescu University, by several first-hand public health institutions such as the CF 1 Witting Clinic Hospital, CF 2 Hospital, the Armed Forces Cardiovascular Disease Center “Acad. Vasile Candea Hospital “,” Carol Davila “Central Military Emergency University Hospital, Fundeni Clinical Institute, Ilfov County Clinical Hospital,” N.Malaxa “Clinical Hospital as well as prestigious private units such as REGINA MARIA Medical Network, currently the Faculty of Medicine Medicine with partnerships with over 20 clinical hospitals in Bucharest. Along with these, we have succeeded in establishing the faculty of medicine with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, integrated into the modern trends of the globalized higher education, from this point of view we are unique in Romania. By academic autonomy we managed to achieve some inconceivable performances 10-15 years ago, such as the fact that we have over 1000 graduates or over the past few years. 70% of our graduates have passed the residential exam, some of them taking the first place in this competition. Our students have been admitted to the most sought after medical or surgical specialties, where they have proven to be the best, currently able to practice medicine in prestigious hospitals in the country or abroad, or to take leadership positions in the medical, governmental, or international companies. Today, Titu Maiorescu University already means tradition, recognition and academic value. This is primarily due to all those professors and students who, through their abnegation and professionalism, have entered the spiritual heritage of the University and, through their sustained efforts, have made it a reference to the Romanian academic system. To thank with great warmth and confidence the students of the Faculty of Medicine of Titu Maiorescu University for their active involvement with the teachers in all the faculty projects and I want to remind them that their successes are those that give us new value to the teachers because only by we can assert with confidence that we are an academic institution of prestige.
We invite you to come along with us in this team that makes winners for the medical profession and for life!