About Us

The Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences of Tg-Jiu (FLES) prepares law specialists and economics who can occupy a wide range of jobs: lawyers, notaries, business advisers, civil servants, magistrates, economists, teachers and researchers scientific. The studies are completed with a bachelor’s degree, recognized both by the Ministry of National Education and abroad. The Diploma allows graduates access to postgraduate (masters) courses both at our University and at other universities in the country and abroad.

FLES is committed to promoting excellence, developing cultural, educational and specialist skills based on innovative knowledge, lifelong learning and interculturality. The reality has proved that the specializations of the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences are imperative, given that the Romanian economic relaunch and the integration of Romania into the European Union require specialists in law and economic sciences prepared to the current labor market requirements, able to provide quality work in the mentioned domains.

The Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences of Tg-Jiu provides high-quality academic programs at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level for the following specializations:

  • Law (undergraduate studies);
  • Accounting and computer science (undergraduate studies);
  • Criminal and forensic sciences (master studies).

The Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences of Tg-Jiu aims in concrete formation of specialists in law and economic sciences with the following qualities:

  • Mastery of fundamental economic and legal knowledge (doctrine, legislation, jurisprudence);
  • The ability to formulate and express opinions on the various economic and legal issues raised by legal institutions by providing solutions to disputes arising from judicial cases;
  • The ability to efficiently manage financial resources and to design actions in court, as well as to pronounce and enforce judgments;
  • The ability to work in a team;
  • The ability to contribute to the multidisciplinary approach of various economic organizations and law institutions;
  • Specialization in the field of “Accounting and Management Informatics” or in the field of public or private law;
  • The conscience of the social responsibility of the economist profession, respectively of a jurist (magistrate, lawyer, notary, legal adviser), etc.
  • The training of specialists in the spirit of the modern conception, specific to the market economy, in order to integrate a European vision in Romanian companies;
  • Building and maintaining reputation at national level through the quality of academic and research programs attended by the teaching staff, the quality of graduates and the careers they will obtain in the coming years;
  • Creating closer links with the economic and legal environment, building academic programs or other work programs, depending on the needs of the community;
  • Permanently adapting the educational offer to the requirements of a functioning market economy, in order to develop a knowledge-based society;
  • The development of an organizational culture that will confer the identity and recognition of our faculty in the Romanian and European academic space;
  • The intensification of scientific research activities and the integration of its results in the educational process.


At present, the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences has all the necessary means for organizing and carrying out didactic, scientific and practical-applied research activities, as well as specialized teaching staff, meeting the requirements imposed by the regulations on quality management in higher education.

The headquarters of the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences is located in Târgu Jiu, Str. Ecaterina Teodoroiu no. 100, Gorj county, phone / fax: 0253.210.303.