Legal framework

The practical training takes place according to Law no. 258 dated 19 July 2007 on the practice of pupils and students, published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 493 dated 24 July 2007 and the Order of the Minister of Education, Research and Youth, no.3.955 dated 9 May 2008 on the approval of the General Framework for the organization of internships in the undergraduate degree programs and the Framework Convention on the conduct of internships in Undergraduate degree programs, published in the Official Journal of Romania, part I, no. 440 dated 12 June 2008.

The student is participating in the internships corresponding to the level of studies (academic year) according to the Practice Sheet “Practice by study profile”.

The practice program takes place on location and based on a schedule agreed upon by the practice organizer (the higher education institution) and the practice partner (the institution participating in the students’ practical training process) under the framework agreement regarding the internship, between the two aforementioned parties.


Conducting the internship

By conducting this internship, it’s ensured the practical application of the theoretical knowledge acquired in the academic didactic activities. The activities carried out during the internship are established according to the “Subject Description Sheet”, by the didactic supervisor, consulting as well the Tutor appointed by the partner institution of practice. The internship takes place for the duration specified in the “Education Plan”.


Student intern

The student participates in the internship in accordance with the Agreement / Protocol / Framework Convention signed by the practice organizer (the higher education institution) and the practice partner (the institution participating in the student’s practical training process). The student has the following obligations, during the practical training period:

  • To observe the work schedule and the activities specified by the tutor in order to achieve the objectives;
  • To use the information to which he/she has access during his/her internship exclusively for his/her professional development ;
  • To comply with the specific internal rules of the partner institution;
  • To fill in the Practice Booklet, a working sheet for the student


Internship Tutor

The practice partner assigns a tutor for the internship. The tutor together with the teacher responsible for the practice session defines the objectives of the internship, the exact activities and tasks for the practical training period and the themes of the practical activities.



The Director of the Department assigns a teacher who will act as a supervisor for the practice to plan, responsible to organize and supervise the practical training. The supervisor, together with the tutors appointed by the institution that receives the trainees in training programs, coordinates the specific activities of the Specialized Practice program. At the same time, the supervisor also participates in the assessment and marking of the student at the end of the practical training.

The Practice Booklet is an instrument made available to the student to identify the subject and record all the information that reflects the actual activity performed by the practitioner during the practice period. It contains Activity Sheets with the following structure: Theme Approach, Activities, Bibliographic Sources, Difficulties encountered, Observations (on how to work and the result obtained). Activity sheets reflect the work done by the student and underpin the effective monitoring of student’s activity. At the same time, on the basis of these, the student’s actual assessment will be made.

Evaluation of the activity

The basis of the evaluation is the Practice Sheets from the Practice Booklet, which reflects the work performed by the student during the internship period, as well as the qualification given by the tutor.

The trainee will present, for evaluation, the Practice Booklet and the tutor’s rating, respectively: Admitted / Rejected.

The evaluation of your internship will be based on:

  • The degree of accomplishment of the tasks and involvement in the activities during the Internship;
  • The volume and relevance of the activities carried out;
  • Assessing skills and knowledge gained;
  • How well the practice booklet was elaborated.
  • The student can not be evaluated and therefore can not be declared promoted if the Tutor grants the Rejected rating.

The way of evaluating the practice is “Colloquium”.

According to the structure of the academic year 2016 – 2017 Specialized practice for the students of the CIG II study year and the I – IV years of the “Law” study program will be held in May-August 2017, according to the curriculum and must cover the number of hours provided within a specialized institution for:

  • economic studies program for GIC;
  • legal for the study program “Law”

The colloquium for the “Specialized Practice” subject is held during the exam session according to the curriculum in September 2017.

For more information, students of Year II of studies CIG and that the years I to IV of Law study program, are asked to contact the teacher responsible practice (supervisor).