CHIEF SECRETARY: jr. Udroiu Maria
SECRETARY: jr. Popescu Bradoschi Corina

STUDENT CONSULTATIONS: 1000 – 1200 and 1500 – 1700


Phone/fax: 0253.210.303,  0253.221.116

Phone: 0730.606.471, 0727.736.350





  • To pay the fees at Titu Maiorescu University, the following payment methods may be used:
    1. In cash, directly at any cash office of Banca Transilvania, using a pre-printed form to be filled in with the last name, first name, personal identification number and payment code (see anex);
    2. By bank transfer (payment order) in the acocunt RO90BTRL04301202N01816XX opened with Banca Transilvania;
    3. In cash at the cash office of Titu Maiorescu University located at no. 22, Dâmbovnicului Street, Sector 4, Bucharest.