In the curriculum of the Faculty of Psychology, 60-hour internship courses are provided for each year of study.

For practice internships, the Faculty of Psychology has concluded collaborative conventions, agreements and contracts with basic practice units. These documents provide for the availability of practical units to receive students from the Psychology specialty in order to practice, the practice, the place, the way of organization and guidance as well as the responsible persons from the Faculty of Psychology and from the basic practice units

Currently we have collaboration agreements with over 30 psychology offices with two companies: SIEMENS Romania and ZARA S.A., with Clinical Psychiatric Hospital Professor Doctor Alexandru Obregia.

The final evaluation of the work done within the Practice is done in a colloquium, according to the curriculum, taking into account the evaluation made by the coordinator of the teaching practice.

In the academic year 2014-2015, Titu Maiorescu University has carried out three POSDRU projects aiming to increase the efficiency and increase the quality of student internships. The Faculty of Psychology was involved in all three POSDRU projects.

Thus, 86 students were involved in POSDRU 142075 “Professional Counseling for Psychological Students, Chances for a Successful Career”. This project was carried out in collaboration with the College of Psychologists in Romania.

The project POSDRU 136144 “Practice of excellence for career success” involved a number of 71 students of the Faculty of Psychology. This project was carried out in collaboration with SIEMENS Romania.

The project POSDRU 138217 “Access to the labor market for students – transition to active life – SIMACTIV” involved 99 students from the Faculty of Psychology. This project was carried out in collaboration with three companies in the Bucharest – Ilfov area.