The conference will take place online, using the Microsoft Teams platform, which works on any device (phone, laptop, tablet) and on any operating system (Windows, Android, IOS).

The opening of the conference proceedings and the presentation of the papers in plenary will take place on November 12thbetween 10.00 AM till 12.00 PM, when all participants are invited to connect online.

The works on sections will also be carried out online, after the completion of the works in plenary, starting with 12.30 PM.

5 days before the start of the conference, each participant will receive an access link, for plenary communications and for section papers, on the personal email address sent in the registration form.


  • Papers will be written in English
  • The papers have to be sent to the address:
  • Submission of the abstract of the paper and the full text (5 – 6 pages), in English: 1st of November 2020
  • All preliminary information about the conference (poster, sections, editing conditions, registration form, deadlines, bank account for payment of the participation fee – 150 euro / paper) are visible on the university website


  • The papers will be published in 6 volumes listed ISSN, ISBN and indexed in BDI.
  • A group of authors can present a maximum of 3 works.
  • The editing conditions can be downloaded here.
  • The registration form can be consulted here.


  •  200 lei / paper for Romanian participants
  •  150 euro / paper for foreign participants

(payment has to be made after the paper has been accepted, at the university cashier or in an account visible on the conference website)

Obs. Doctoral students in training attending the three doctoral schools in TUM are exempted from paying the participation fee, according to the decision issued by the Board of Directors.