About US

Our faculty trains specialists in law and public administration, who can occupy a wide range of positions: lawyers, notaries public, corporate counselors, civil servants, teachers, magistrates, scientific researchers. At the end of our study programme, our faculty organizes a Bachelor Exam and a Bachelor Diploma is issued, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Research, as well as abroad. The Bachelor Diploma provides our graduates with access to post-university degrees (master programmes), organized by our University, as well as by other Romanian and foreign academic institutions.

The Faculty of Law is part of Titu Maiorescu University, being established in 1990 as the first non-profit higher education institution in Romania.

The performance of our teaching activity, scientific research, management activity and organization of the education process represented as many grounded reasons for Titu Maiorescu University to be one of the first universities accredited by Law no. 239 of 30 April 2002, as part of the national education system. The Faculty of Law was established in 1990, at the same time as the higher education institution it is part of, being accredited as a non-profit entity by the same Law no. 239/2002.

The mission of our faculty targets both the specialized professional training of our students and the development of their cultural and scientific level.

In particular, our faculty is aimed at training jurists that master the following qualities:

  • Good knowledge of fundamental notions of doctrine, legislation, case law;
  • The capacity to set forth and express opinions on various problems raised by the law institutions and to provide solutions for the disputes arising out of the judicial casuistry;
  • The capacity to file a lawsuit, to deliver and prepare court orders;
  • The capacity to publicly advocate a case;
  • Specialization in at least a branch of law;
  • The ability to contribute to a pluridisciplinary approach of the various law institutions;
  • The skill to work in a team;
  • The consciousness of social liability of the profession of jurist, lawyer, notary public, legal counselor etc.

At present, the Faculty of Law has all the means necessary for the organization and development of teaching, scientific and practical, as well as applied research activities, and it also has specialized teaching staff that meets the requirements set up by the regulations in force on quality management in the higher education institutions.