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5-6 April 2013
Aula Magna of Titu Maiorescu University
Calea Vacaresti, nr. 189, sector 4, Bucharest

Thank you for your interest. All places were occupied. Entries were closed.

Conference Program “The New Civil Procedure Code”


In a university campus, talking to teachers, experts and practitioners about the New Code of Civil Procedure! Application information, start-up interpretations and solutions anchored in reality! And in order for such a manifestation to be not only interesting but especially useful, the participants will have a form available to them, which will be able to raise a question about the topic of the discussions. Thus, each speaker will organize his / her intervention according to what attracts the most interest among the participants. And last but not least, prof. Dr. Gabriel Boroi will have an “open” session where he will answer “live” questions.

The following have announced their participation in the Conference:

Professor PhD. Mona Maria PIVNICERU, Minister of Justice of Romania

Professor PhD dr. Brânduşa ŞTEFĂNESCU, Vice President of the International Commercial Arbitration Court attached to CCIR

Doctor Gheorghe FLOREA, president of the National Union of Bars in Romania

Lecturer doctor  Traian-Cornel BRICIU, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Executive Director of the National Institute for Training and Improvement Association, lawyer

Judge doctor Octavia SPINEANU-MATEI, director of the National Institute of Magistracy

Associate Professor PhD. Gabriela RĂDUCAN, Law Faculty of Titu Maiorescu University, trainer at the National Institute of Magistracy, lawyer

Judge Laura RADU, Vice-President of the Bucharest Tribunal, trainer of the National Institute of Magistracy

Lecturer doctor Claudiu DINU, faculty of Law, University of Titu Maiorescu

Judge doctor Liviu ZIDARU, trainer at the National Institute of Magistracy

Judge Veronica DĂNĂILĂ, Bucharest Court of Appeal, trainer at the National Institute of Magistracy

Judge Dumitru Marcel GAVRIȘ, Bucharest Court of Appeal

Bogdan DUMITRACHE, trainer at the National Institute of Magistracy, bailiff

Temele conferinței:

  • About the need for a new Code of Civil Procedure
  • Timely application of the Code of Civil Procedure; Transitional and Implementing Provisions of the Civil Procedure Code
  • Practical aspects of verifying, regulating the application and fixing the first term of trial
  • The case file, measures and administrative solutions under the impact of the New Civil Procedure Code
  • Conventional representation through a lawyer under the new Code of Civil Procedure
  • Nullity of procedural documents in the New Code of Civil Procedure
  • Procedural exceptions in the new Code of Civil Procedure. Special consideration on the work authority and the correlation with other procedural institutions
  • Appeal in the New Code of Civil Procedure
  • Question referred in the new Code of Civil Procedure
  • Arbitration. Action for annulment under the New Civil Procedure Code
  • Aspects of novelty in the field of special civil procedures
  • Small claims procedure
  • News on forced execution
  • Forms of liability covered by the general provisions on forced execution


Apart from these topics, we invite conference participants to discuss any other topics of interest. We await your proposals by March 31, 2013 at the address:


The conference will take place



New Code of Civil Procedure – comment on articles”, 


Gabriel Boroi, Octavia Spineanu-Matei, Gabriela Răducan, Andreia Constanda, Carmen Negrilă, Veronica Dănăilă, Delia Narcisa Theohari, Dumitru Marcel Gavriș, Flavius Păncescu, Marius Eftimie



Titu Maiorescu University
in collaboration with Hamangiu Publishing House and Volonciu Legal Training


Interim Accreditation Conference INPPA

Details and enrollments at the following contact points:


Participation fee: 400 lei

The following discounts are granted:

  • Confirmation of sign up and payment by March 25, 2013 – 10%
  • More participants within the same organization:
    • 2 participants – 5% discount
    • 3-4 participants – 10% discount
    • Over 4 participants – 20% discount.


Payment is made to:

Titu Maiorescu University

Address: Calea Vacaresti nr. 187, Sector 4, Bucharest

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Account RO 49 RNCB 0546 0292 2835 0001

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